Feeling like you’re being watched

I’ve always felt like this to a certain extent, even when I was a child. I remember playing in the yard and feeling like I was acting out a scene for whomever could see me or even some unseen force like god or the supernatural.

As I got older I wondered if this feeling was normal.

As a teenager I chalked it up to self consciousness and as an adult hypervigilence as a result of anxiety and PTSD.

But it’s been there as long as I can remember.

It’s weird, it’s like the pressure of everyone watching even though I logically know they are not paying any or very much attention at all. But I tend to avoid a lot of life to escape this feeling.

I wonder if this is something that people with autism experience. I don’t have schizophrenia but have had psychosis and am reading a lot of literature about how closely schizophrenia and autism are related. Apparently they share a lot of features. A doctor I used to see told me that she sees many people with autism who have had paranoid psychotic breaks.


I have had that feeling as long as I’ve had sz, sometimes I flip off the walls or ceiling or make funny faces in case anyone actually is watching me, when I’m outside my house I know I am being watched everywhere I go, meds have never broke that feeling.

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Yes, I have it too sometimes.
I’ve been watched
in my trumanomatrix.

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Its actually paranoia. When it go extreme you get feeling that camera there. People reading mind. They plotting against you etc etc. Paranoia can come without any other symptoms. Then there is paranoid personality disorder.

Anyway nothing to worry about. Only thing you need to make sure is you not act on it. Have your reasoning mind active always and instantly disregard such thoughts.


I’ve been watched since 2008. I hate it

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I think prior to 2010 aliens and stuff and after that just my own stupidity and ignorance.

Aliens now too. I’ve done a lot of research and figured I might have been a star-seed.

I don’t think I was truly an empath (but I could be wrong) because I have mild autism (Aspergers) and have trauma. Maybe I am though. I think most if not all kids born are good hearted and kind. Maybe I was too…

Like I never saw stuff or aliens or anything prior to 2010-2011 but I am or believe I am repeating or re-experiencing time or my life again and again all over.

I have researched the conspiracy theories of MiLabs and Super Soldiers…which sounds ridiculous and crazy and not appropriate for these forums, but I can’t help but say I have lived and experienced these things like going to outer space and other planets, whether real or VR or mind control like stuff…I don’t know or can’t prove it or care anymore…

I had missing time as a kid and probably did talk to a higher power or questioned if I had missing time or missing time in the car and missing my life – years at a time-- growing up. For reals…it felt like it was real and happened.

Maybe it was against my will or I volunteered in a distant past life sort of thing. I think people are mostly born into these alien programs or projects…

I woke up or regained senteince (my consciousness that makes me aware of reality) back in 2011 but as late as 2013 when I came home schizophrenic after 2 years. This is 20-22 years old. I’m 31 years old now. It’s 2021.

So I have missing time of 1989-2010. I might have been abducted in 2008-2010 several times and believe it’s so vastly complicated and conspiracatorial that it borders on insane and even for me impossible…

Like it’s either all in my head; a species that has gained total superiority to us by millions if not billions of years; or Occam’s razor.

Since I went to university around 2010-2011 I had anxiety and stress from discrete math in the summer and think the trauma just caught up to me or I remembered it. (not sure if timelines are different in this regard)

I thought I wrote Rosetta Stoned by Tool and gave it to them in a past life. A story about a man who got abducted by aliens. I had dreams of this happening billions of lifetimes ago and I gave them the song after I had an alien encounter or something or miLab or DMT trip (past life).

I had severe, severe trauma in 2011 from schizophrenia in university from unknown reasons. Perhaps a men-in-black type encounter that might have been real or not. From my ‘advanced research’ I now have heard MiB might be aliens themselves or grey aliens in human disguises…

Anyways, I have bizarre conflicting, contradictory memories and experiences of seeing black UFOs at university after I posted I was a time traveler on facebook; went to mars; got abducted by aliens; and stuff; and then had some men in black type people take me and hurt me – I think… NO proof or evidence of course. Similar to how Philip K Dick movie or book talks about the “Adjustment Bureau” like they can edit and change reality and do practically anything they want to change or edit reality and mess with people.

Ya, I thought I went to Mars and experienced trauma there and stuff. Might have all been fake or real. Like I was a real Super Soldier fighting aliens on Mars and went to the moon and stuff. It wasn’t or didn’t feel like 20 years at all but like 5 minutes. But I have done several of these ‘20 and backs’ in different lives.

The dreams or ‘disembodied voices’ tell me I was taken at 2 years old and had a micro-chip in my head; was in MK-Ultra; Created and invented various arts and technologies and stuff. I even heard some people didn’t really go to Mars but went to other bases or even fought in wars, but they might be crazy themselves and such. I just wish I could get some benefits like money or help but I realize there is no help for people like me. I’m barking up the wrong tree and it’s dangerous and the people that may or may not be watching may or may not be good people. I don’t know.


I feel this also and have felt unseen presences watching me even starting at a young age. It then drastically worsened at age 24 when I started to hear, feel, and see things. These entities (in my personal experience) have shown me they monitor every little thought, action, and word I am experiencing. It has caused me continuous peril; leaving me constantly paranoid and fearful every second of every day…this has and continues to be absolutely draining…

Despite my circumstances, I wish you all the best on your journey and hope everything is going well on your end :blossom:

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I don’t know…I believed I was internationally televised when I was sick. don’t think that now.

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I felt like this for most of my life.

The feeling went away gradually after my first hospitalisation. I just put it down to being on meds.

But I wonder now if the reason was because I started feeling things / had some emotions. Previously it was like I had depression and just felt numb inside. So “acting” was a way of fitting in.

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The feeling of constantly being watched is something I still struggle with at times.

Some days are better than others though.

That’s very fascinating about autism and schizophrenia overlapping. I have a very young nephew who is diagnosed with autism, and I have a feeling we’ll get along really well as he ages.

Thank you for that information, @Gamera . :slight_smile:


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