Cameras watching

Anyone else deal with thinking there are cameras watching you Ali the tome? Or just having that feeling of being watched by something or someone? I deal with this a lot. It’s a hard thing to shake.


It’s a weird feeling. I have it too. Feeling like im in a Truman show

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I feel that way when I go to the store. Feels like everyone is watching me.

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I feel the cold glance of strangers on my back, my body feels these things

It’s a weird, unusual, feeling, sensation etc.

Yes, like everyone is eyeing you. It is a weird sensation. I usually try to act as cool as I can and move as quickly as I can.

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I am super paranoid today. You?
For how long do you have this sensation?

Yeah, I’m a bit amped up today. And it comes and goes. I have work tonight and there are cameras so I get extra worried.

I dont fear the cameras outside, but the Hidden ones in my place

Same here even though deep down I know it’s impossible but there is, still that feeling of being watched.

Reason and logic don’t apply here. I also know as a mere Information that’s unlikely. But my heart surrenders to this cameras belief

Yeah same here. For some reason especially in the bathroom.

Me especially while having sex or while masturbating

Yes, I agree with you there. And the feeling that everyone knows about it too.

In my case it was my dead ancestors watching.
Anyway, many normal people know the feeling when someone stares at you. I have the same feeling with these invisible people staring at me

I’ll think that it’s either people who have passed on which I think they can read my mind at times. Or others who live in the house.

Personally i believe it’s either aliens or the programmers of this video game-life.

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Like the game the Sims? Cause that’s what I believe. Lucifer showed me that that’s basically what happens when we die. We move up to the next level as the ones playing our Game and so on

Yes, exactly like the Sims. If i muster all my powers and shout ,i feel, I could make all this fake world collapse

I thought I was the only one who believed that. Good to know I’m not alone. This stuff gets hard to handle. But somehow everything is connected in my life.