Feeling ashamed

Was a total prat yesterday - had been up all night, didnt take my meds - doing scotch all day in the local pub. Declared my undying love for the Landladys Daughter - and fell in a taxi. :frowning:

I appreciate this is a MH forum not AA - but christ ive seriously got to quit drinking. Its starting to mess with my head - and im getting too wasted to even take my APs properly. I swear blind i thought she said she loved me - but it was all in my damn head.:frowning:

Someone give me a kick up the arse. :frowning:
Im a bloody idiot - i should know bettter by now. :frowning:

You mustn’t stop your meds! Things can go downhill really quickly if you do! Who knows what kind of delusions you’d fall into. It can be really dangerous. Please quit drinking if it messes with your meds. Remember, you can do this!

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You’re not an idiot, alright? Alcoholism is a disease; it’s not your fault. You fell off the wagon? That’s okay. What’s most important is what you do next. You’re aware that you have a problem, so what are you going to do to fix it? First of all, you need to see a medical doctor in order to assess whether you’ll need medically supervised withdrawal. Once you’re sober, go to meetings, join a club, see a therapist, etc. Avoid the pub until you can trust yourself not to drink. You will get through this. I don’t know you all that well, but I am putting my faith in you. You can do this. You deserve to do this; it will make your life much better. :hugs:


Yeah i fell off the wagon - and now sober, realise i was probably delusional. Im gonna phone my social worker later - see if i can have my depot jab a week early - cos im not conforming to the pills i supposed to take. Sorry for dumping my emotional crap on you guys - I get lonely and my head is getting jumbled up. I think im gonna hide away for a few days. :frowning:

Ive asked for rehab before - but they wont cos i get no discernable withdrawls. Im not physically addicted.

Dont think im too well TBH - i was looking for microphones again in my flat :frowning:

We all have weak moments, and it’s good you have come to this now and realise that this isn’t good for you to do.

To be honest it sounds like you drank so much your meds wouldn’t have agreed with the alcohol anyway.

They tried to put me in rehab before and I refused. The local one even the council in Sussex uses is run by Scientologists. It’s called Narnacon or something like that in Hastings. Those people would mess you up more. It’s weird.

It will get to a point when you’ll decide for yourself that the alcohol isn’t helping your situation.

I hope you can get it sorted @Naarai

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Thanks for the Support - Yeah i was very drunk :frowning:
Ive quit before so i know i can do it again - sounds stupid but the brain malfunction so to speak - caught me unawares. I like to think i have i insight - but parhaps i dont.

Im strictly on the Yorkshire Tea for a few days.
Just found out im 4 days overdue for my Depot after ringing - so that and the booze certainly didnt help matters.

Im gonna put my sensible hat back on! And say sorry to the pub for being such a knob. lol.

Being aware of and admitting your problem is half the battle. So you’re in a good place as far as that goes. You can move beyond drinking, it will just take some effort on your part. It will take a lifestyle change, most likely, as you probably won’t be able to hang out at the pub or see your drinking buddies without being tempted back into it. You can do it, though.

Also, taking your meds is crucial. If you’re not able to take the pills like you’re supposed to then talk to your pdoc about that. maybe they can give it all to you in a shot instead. Hang in there, man. You will get through this.

Why dont you just drink a bit more responsily? Can you not stop at like 4 pints? I get a bit like that sometimes though, when I go out I tell myself ‘maybe not get too drunk tonight’ but then end up drinking like a fish. I think I have been a bit more careful as I am a bit older now though, because I started getting blackouts at the end of nights. I always wake up worrying to hell that I have done something stupid. :roll_eyes:

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