Feeling alittle off

I’m waking up crying, just feeling down. I go outside for walks and I’m so oppressed I just feel like curling up into a ball and disappearing. I have terrible anxiety especially in the morning. Thing’s are getting tough.


Sorry. I’ve gone through periods of time in my life feeling just how you described. And to top it off I had no hope. No hope of it ever ending and getting any better. I stayed in bed for 2 years at one point. The people from mental health came to my house to try to force me to get out of the bed. It was bad. I needed an antidepressant that worked for me. Thankfully now I take Cymbalta and it keeps me out of that place. I hope you find some relief for how you’re feeling. It’s not fun feeling that way.


The mornings are tough for me too. I’m sorry you’re having a hard time. Maybe it’s time for some kind of med adjustment?


sorry to hear you not feeling well =(
I hope you feel better soon
Maybe you can talk to your pdoc about it and see that he/she can do something about it?


You may need a med adjustment as well as therapy. Don’t give up. It can and does eventually get better.

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I hope you feel better Nate; it can be tough sometimes.

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I’m sorry to hear you feel that way.

Maybe you could try something like Valerian Root. It’s supposed to help against mild anxiety and has little to no side effects. In my country it is a recognised remedy. They even sell it at the pharmacy. I take it for stress in the morning and afternoon, but not in the evening because it may interact a little with my meds if I take them at the same time.

Also dark chocolate is supposed to be good for mood.

I’m not saying this will solve all the problems, but maybe it will put the margins in your favor.

Hope you get better. It’s good you are going for walks.

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