Feel so paranoid

Last night got up to check downstairs again in case a burglar came in. I lie awake in fear gunmen will break in and kill us. Took clonazepam tonight so hope to sleep better.

I do manage to sleep but when I wake up several times, I listen for noises. Last night when I heard a sound I got up to check and nothing. Then went back to bed and heard it again.

Turns out it was my husband’s breathing lol!! :laughing:

Wtf is going on with me? Glad I’m seeing my pdoc tomorrow!

If I hear people outside at night yelling then I get away from the windows in case of a stray bullet.

I live in a relatively safe neighbourhood so why I’m so paranoid I don’t know!


I get it. I’m paranoid about all that too


Some nights I stay up all night and get paranoid someone has noticed my apartment lights on and is outside on the hunt. Then I would think everyone in the world knows my every thought and get embarrassed by my thoughts.


That’s such an awful feeling

paranoia sux

for a long time i stayed up all night and slept during the day when some one was with me

sorry you are going threw this hope the klonapin helps it helped me

i also started melatonin 15mg and that also helps

yea i get those feelings regularly too… it’s better lately but still happens now and then. Afraid someone gonna come in and murder us.