I think I'll wait till it's light

To try and sleep. As sometimes happens the dark is triggering my paranoia. Odd sounds are setting my mind abuzz with thoughts of being attacked. Irrational thoughts while lying in bed that there was someone in my living room , Yes I can say it’s irrational but the damn thought still invades my brain. This is not constant but repeats itself at regular intervals.

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Have you got work or anything tomorrow? Maybe get up, make a hot drink. Sometimes you have to go with the flow. I get scared just like this, and as soon as it’s light I fall asleep. Not all the time, I have bouts of it.

No work. Depot isn’t till Thursday so no need to be up early to get to the clinic before it’s packed with people.

Do you think you could sleep in the living room for a while insead? If you can get comfy. Leave the lights on? :cherry_blossom:

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It’s a possibility though the sofa isn’t really big enough for lying that comfortably on.

i have those same fears so i can sympathise completely. when i can;t sleep i get up and check the house, make sure it’s locked up amd then do something to take my mind off of it. generally i clean or write poetry…take now for instance. it’s 1.35am and i’m sitting here thinking of being attacked in my own home and how best to protect my children. well the best thing i can do is try and make sure the house is locked up then i need to take my mind elsewhere. i took a diazepam and am now contemplating cleaning my kitchen. the more i think about it the wors i get so i try and focus on something else. maybe you could focus on retrieving and posting more articles? do you have any diazepam handy? or a hot milky drink to relax you? one of thefirst things to do i think when you have the money is to secure your dwelling…this in intself will make you feel a load better about being there but for now, try doing something to take your mind off of it…hope this helps xxx

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I know it’s not always an option - but my little dog helps me - he’ll only bark for a real reason if there is someone at the door - so it sort of puts my own fear into perspective. All the time he’s laying quiet I’m OK. And when he does bark it’s always been a cat or a fox outside.

Thanks all of you. Looking for articles to post but not much going at this time of night. Going to make myself a hot chocolate.


I live in a 1 BR apartment and converted the living room into my bedroom. I like more open concepts to where I sleep.

Have you talked about this to your doctor?
What does he/she say?

I have mentioned it but because it’s not a constant factor they don’t seem to be that bothered.

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Being invaded in my own home is a constant fear of mine - it all comes crashing in at night when everyone else is asleep.

I would turn on the TV and sleep with the lights on a bit if you can.

I sometimes wait for Daylight to get some shuteye - Goodluck @firemonkey

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Paranoia eases a little but mind too busy for sleep.