Is it paranoia to

…worry each night that burglars will break in? To listen in bed for sounds downstairs and picture them opening the sliding door and cutting through the safety gate and coming in with guns and coming upstairs and killing us? I can sleep but each time my sleep is interrupted by dreams I become aware of the sliding door…even though we live in security complex with electric fencing all round and a guard…

The pdoc thinks it’s paranoia, is she right? I’ve been having more than I realise then, for several months now even though I’m doing better in other ways.


i think it’s paranoia yea, i struggle with exactly the same regularly


I struggle with this too. Since it hasn’t happened, I think it’s just paranoia, but it does feel like a real imminent threat.


Is this so-called paranoia I’m experiencing even normal?

i wonder that too… i get that feeling a lot and i try to let it be and not to focus on it too much. Like do something else so that you don’t think too strongly about it. That helps a bit but it still pops up regularly.

I’ve been struggling with this since childhood

It sounds like paranoia. Is your pdoc changing your meds?

it is paranoia. i have paranoia that nobody likes me. even my family. it only kicks in when i am depressed thou. when i had relationships my paranoia would construct the most complex plots connecting random facts and making me believe i was being betraied. i cant have relationships because of this.

sounds like paranoia.
I also go threw that worrying some one broke in
Its hard for me cause we have mice and squirrels running around the attic and kitchen making noise