Feel pretty dispondent hear me out

So I’ve applied for food support and got it, but it got taken away probably because I wasn’t going to the grocery store often enough and using it.

Anyway I find out I have two thousand dollars worth of food support left over from the time period I had the right to use it. And it will elapse in may if I don’t.

I ask my mom if this would help cover my food bill and she said it wouldn’t.

I felt bewildered. Like, I pay 200 dollars a month for food I know food prices have gone up but shes not gonna accept that two thousand dollars of food support is going to help with anything.

I feel like I’m openly being abused in my house hold emotionally being gas light that I and my monetary contributions don’t matter, and that I’m worthless.

My mom takes me to the doctor and talks to him and you know every now and again that’s useful but I say to the doctor “Thats something I’d like to talk to you about without her here.” and she doesn’t leave the room, the doctor doesn’t seem to get the hint that I need to talk to him without her in the room or she’ll be a problem.

I don’t know what to do, my family in general holds a low opinion of me right now and I just need to say something about it.

My mom always goes and tells her friend on the phone about anything I’ve done to upset her and it feels like I’m being tattled on and having my reputation ruined and I don’t snitch to the family that my mom is emotionally lacking in empathy toward me and my situation.

I’d probably be kicked out if I talked honestly about how she makes me feel and I don’t know that I have better options. I feel weak and alienated from the options that would empower me to move past this woman in my life.

I’m sorry to hear that. Feeling trapped is horrible.

Do you have access to therapy to help you manage home life. I find this extremely helpful. Some of my problems are social - and that includes a few family members and my partner. Sometimes they can overstep your own interest in your own treatment.

I am not in the exact situation - but I feel the need to have some independence in my treatment while involving my partner in sessions.

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