Feeling frustrated and resentful at the moment

I’m probably just being a ■■■■■ but I want to get this off my chest. I feel resentments starting to build and that’s never a good thing so I need to get myself straight. Since I got here my ex has been slowly buying less and less of the groceries and household items. It’s been weeks since he’s spent any money. He’s putting all the weight on me and my credit cards. You have to understand I supported him for 10 years while we were married and I’m not interested in doing it anymore. I’m not buying anymore groceries until he starts buying his fair share. I’ll just eat my Slimfast or cereal or something.

And somehow cooking food seems to have become my responsibility again. I don’t want to have to cook for other people if I’m not in the mood. Don’t get me wrong, I love to cook if I’m in the mood. I especially love to cook for my son and show him I care by making him a nutritious meal. But when I don’t want to cook neither one of them will cook, they just go hungry. It makes it uncomfortable for me to make something for myself. I’m going to have to explain to them that I don’t always feel like cooking for them.

And since there’s no working vehicle, getting rides to go get cigarettes, or toilet paper, or groceries or whatever is a task. I seem to be the only one putting any effort into finding solutions to getting rides. That really makes me upset. It’s like all the responsibility is on me. I’m not doing it anymore. I did it all for 10 years. It’s time he does his fair share for a change. I’m tired of being the one to worry and plan.

thanks for the rant.


Taking advantage of emotionally vulnerable people (like us) is the hallmark of a lowly character. You are 100% entitled to start caring less about them and more about yourself!


Thanks @Andrey that actually makes me feel better.


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