I feel like a burden

I can’t work I am starting volunteering but I rely financially and housing on family and I feel guilty all the time I cry because this


Is the guilt coming from within, or does it come from your family?

Within they are okay with helping

I also feel like a burden much of the time. I just try to help as many people as i can and do as much as possible for them to repay what they do for me. It helps sometimes knowing i was able to pitch in or come through in some way for them and lessons the feeling i have of burdening them with myself. Just try to pay it all forward as best as im able to.


Me to I guess it’s cuz I’m married and I want to provide more for my wife I pay it forward I cook and clean she never cooks cuz I don’t let her I got to pay it forward she’s my rock for reality checking


Im right there with you @lastdragon. I do the exact same.


that’s cool bro. :wink: :dark_sunglasses:

just keep trying. with part-time or entry-level jobs, it’s usually a matter of showing your effort, confidence, and strength to interviewers. :slight_smile:


I’m building credentials to be a vet assistant so I’m volunteering at an animal shelter


If it was reversed and your wife stayed home and cooked and cleaned ,I doubt you would feel she needs to get a job. My wife stays home and takes care of things there I really appreciate not having to come home and clean or cook. She has never had a career so if she did work it would be minimum wage. I would rather have the help around the house. Don’t feel bad for being in that position , your still helping out. Things may change in the future for you but your a team with your wife , don’t be so hard on yourself.

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Feelings are not facts. I can have someone sit in my kitchen and say, “I don’t feel welcome here,” when that is not true.