Feel hated these days

Everywhere I go I have people saying negative things these days. Saying I am a pervert or I am a bigot. I am not one, but I think I have someone trying to make me seem like I am. Today I was walking with my friend and was so worried with what is going on in my mind I wanted to get to home quickly. I miss my doctor who passed away a couple of weeks ago. He was very articulate and eloquent speaker.

You can reach achievements even if people hate you.


Thanks @Chess24! How can you reach achievements even if people hate you?

What can you do if people threaten you constantly? And say you are dying soon?

One advice I can give you is ignore your enemies.
Pretend they are non-existent.
Not 100 percent of the population are your enemies;
Those that are, ignore them.


I have felt the sting of stigma all too much. What’s worse is when people who should know better act like I should have the same life accomplishments as everyone else. I’m like :open_mouth:

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I’m constantly being assaulted in sneaky ways, so dumb people aren’t jealous.


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