I feel like everyone hates me

I know this is a reflection of my own paranoia and low self esteem, but I can’t stand this feeling. And it is relentless.

What helps is avoiding people but that actually doesn’t help in the long run.

Does anyone else struggle with this?

I’m probably going to die old and alone. :slightly_frowning_face:

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Better to die old than die young like they want to kill me at age 47.

I feel the same way. I even feel like my family hates me and that I bother them so much with this illness.

Everyone doesn’t hate you.

Do certain people make you feel like this?

If you genuinely think that everyone hates you then that could be mild paranoia in my non professional opinion.

I doubt everyone hates you. Try to be nicer to yourself. I don’t hate you at all.

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i don’t hate you. i think it is a difficult one to deal with i agree. takes lots of therapy and self love. like for me personally i am still working on low self esteem for many years

talking to a proffessional helps cos theyve got helpful perspectives and sometimes they say things that just help reassure me a bit. plus they motivate me to make the effort to think about the way i am thinking about things, and then we discuss it in therapy.

i am fortunate cos i will at some point be referred to long term talk therapy. pretty grateful

idk if that is something you already do or want to try or get some top up sessions

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I’ve gone through the “why does everyone hate me?” experience. Really sucks but with a good therapist and meds, you can get past that to a certain degree. The therapy can help you feel better about yourself and with higher self esteem. Advice: take your meds and go to your therapist every week for at least 6 months or a year. best of luck.

I get that feeling sometimes, too. You won’t die old and alone. Well we can’t help you with the old part, but you aren’t alone if you don’t want to be. We are here.

what?? you?? you are a beautiful person !! so kind and considerate…a lot more…you are wonderful.

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My dad earned a PHD in his lifetime and I feel like he expected academic wonders from me, then Schizophrenia came up and he was far less proud of me, however I feel thankful he is not a jerk anymore — I don’t know… I’m disappointed in myself, before my Schizophrenia I felt sharp as a tac, however I didn’t use it

You can’t blame yourself for getting a mental illness that you had no control over.

Knowing that no one really hates you is a good start.