People hating

Do you feel like people hate you wherever you go?

I constantly think people hate me whereever i go and it makes me get so angry at myself.

I feel like my mind is outside of my body and this body its occupying is a terrible one.

I think i just hate myself for having SZ, sux


it’s a paranoid feeling. are you on meds?

Hello brother bear.

I am on meds, but havnt taken them last few days.

However this is a permanent thing for me. No meds take this feeling away.


When people hate me I often hate them back. I’ve been learning to not take offense at other people’s hatred, though. I can come across the wrong way at times. I give them the benefit of the doubt because that is what I want them to do for me.

you also feel that they are talking about you or make fun of you?

Yes the whole time.

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and the meds don’t work on this…

No they don’t :frowning:

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When i was 17 years old i has that feeling, but when i know and talk with that people i knew that feeling was irrational, its was just a symptom of sz in my case

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I feel they hate me and I feel I hate them.

No man hates me, thank God !
I don’t hate anyone either.

Try to compensate this sensation of being hated with a positive response of forgiveness and tolerance. Don’t fight back. Don’t say “f*ck you people, you hate me, I hate you back”. Eventually your mind might regain its balance and the disturbing thoughts will go away.

Thanks for the advice man :slight_smile:

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When I was first diagnosed, any time i went out I would hear people insulting me. I really don’t know what made it get a little better, although the voices still try that crap. Maybe it’s that I started realizing that they aren’t real.

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I want people to not hate me but they do. It seems like no matter what I do nobody can stand me. But I still try! It’s lonely though. I wish I knew what I was doing wrong to make people feel like that though.

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I feel like this a lot even around family and I’m on meds. I feel like everyone dislikes me for some reason I cant figure out so I get mad at myself because I don’t know how to fix it. sometimes the voices tell me its because I have SZ and no one wants to be around me. It makes me just want to stay to myself at home. I dread family events!


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