Fear of death

I like to think that in this life you are already dead but just remembering. Try to have good memories


I will beat this fear, it’s ruining my life.

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God will protect you from death after you die @TheCanuk don’t worry. it will be divine.


I read books about past life regression with case examples. I don’t think the doctor is lying and I don’t see how people could make up such quick answers to questions during hypnosis. The only thing I really fear about death is a painful death.

I fear that process of dying. I haven’t gotten over it. Idk how. I dont think religion can make it OK for me. Maybe.

Live now worry bout shite later.

No offence. I think we all move to energy whether your conscious or not so prepare for that anyways.

Still. I like the Tao. It’s about now and realization in the present sphere. Nothing will save you but yourself and that is important.

Stuff it. Be selfish and have some fun!

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i have 0 fear of death. maybe cuz my mental health burnt me out and i just think when my time comes and nature does its thing, that will be the day of peace.

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I don’t mind dying an early death. The truth is, the mutations I have put me at danger for death. I don’t know how severe my case is. However, I know that I shouldn’t fear it.

Death is inevitable. I’ve been scared before, yes. Also, the internet makes it scarier having all these information about heart failure and sudden death about my mutations.

I can’t tell you what there is after death. No one knows. But you shouldn’t fear death. I know it’s scary when you think about it, but Claire Wineland said “there is no need to fear death because death is inevitable, and what it matters is what you leave behind in your life”. She died in 2018. But her legacy lives on.

If we keep thinking about what happens as we get older, it’s just really scary and it will never provide fruitful results. There is no use for me to think about my muscle weakness getting worse. I just live life…as it is.

I hope this helped.

I think that there is an afterlife. I’m afraid of death too but sometimes I’m suicidal. It doesn’t make sense.

I smoke 100g of tobacco a week. I am not long for this world according to all the good doers…

I have met death when I OD on LSD. I had no fear and punched him and I was sent back to earth.

I remember that to this day. I stared death in the face and he let me defeat him.

The philosophy of that was rejection of being given the ultimate break that is death, and the need to carry on for even longer.

I hate that fact. My extensive drug use and so-called Schizophrenic experiences equip me with the personal evidence that something else exists out there.

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