I dont want to die

I keep thinking about dying. I don’t want to die. It is so scary. What is to come? What will happen to me? It’s giving me really bad anxiety cause I can’t stop thinking about it. Does anyone else struggle with this?


Are you on any anti depressants ?


I used to be like that on 10mg abilify. Now on 15mg that problem went away for the most part.

No. I’m not on anything right now. The shot I was on was and still is giving terrible side effects. I need to get to Dr but it’s 40 minutes away and I have no way there. Hopefully we’ll have a car soon. We went threw 3 trucks in 6-8 months. All 3 crapped the bed on us. No wheels sucks especially when you need something important like medicine.

It’s not scary. It’s natural. Everything in nature has a purpose. All are made in wisdom.

Hopefully anti depressants will get rid of your bad thoughts. Hang in there.

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Sorry your trucks have broken down, I have been the same way as you, it comes and goes, right now is a rough patch. Keep reaching out and talk to friends and family

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I get scared too about dieing
But I suppose it happens to all of us sooner or later

Life seems so short. What’s the point. There has to be more to life than this.

I struggle with this. I have my own concerns on it but I wont say in case it makes it worse

Please do share. I’ll be OK.

It may sound absurd but I worry about being underground and somehow becoming aware.

Yea I don’t want to b buried or cremated. What if you can still feel it?

i think it’s fear of the unknown

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yeah.with cremation, I am concerned about awarenesss too…even when I become dust.

Yes I think that’s it. Its so scary. I live in a bad town too. Shootings almost everyday.

I’m scared of death and think about it night and day. I’m only 28 and I hope I can live as long as possible even though I get tired and bored of life sometimes.

You’re a smart guy. I’ve died before and have retained memories. Ive been to heaven and hell. I have met aliens and God. No-one believes me. I’m always schizophrenic.

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I also think u only got one life so being ill and not able to make the most of it sucks

that reminds me of this quote:
“You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.”
It’s tougher to live ‘right’ with my condition. that probably contributes to my concerns about death.

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