Dying is on my mind


I know it is normal for someone my age (73) to think about death but I find it disturbing when I find myself waking up in the morning with death on my mind. I think this is past the limits of normalcy and anyway, I think I had worried about it as a child but had no one to talk to about it. It was more like thinking I’d be punished to death then. Anyway, If any of you have developed ways to soothe any fears of death, I would appreciate being enlightened.:no_mouth:


I’m 36. I think about it less as time goes on. I know that most likely I will try as key my own life. As strange as it sounds its comforting.


What do you mean by “key” your own life?


Auticorrect Dr I’d that


Death is not the end. Think about your loved ones.


You’ve got me confused, now.


I don’t think of suicide, I think of just the fact that death is coming. It is inevitable.


Don’t just sit around waiting for it to happen. Live your life


Right, but the signs of age are slowing me down - arthritis, forgetfulness, etc.


There’s something I don’t have experience in answering.


@chordy I’m sorry you think of death a lot…I dread my own death too but I just hope it’s not a painful death…I wish you peace and love. sad.


That’s ok. You can understand some, I’m sure, as any illness slows one down. How old are you, @Dre91


26 but I feel like I’m 50.


That’s what I mean. sz slows you down. or makes you race around like crazy. I’m lucky my sz is stable now so my aches and pains are just physical ageing. My mind is not about to go psychotic again soon, knock on wood.


There ya go. As long as your minds in the right spot, physically speaking you can do anything.


I don’t know how to soothe you, but I think it is natural. My Memaw (great grandmother) has been saying that it could be her last visit with us for the past twenty years at least. She turns 100 next month. It is inevitable, and we don’t know what will happen to us, so we think about it. Death can be very scary to think about.


Man is a spiritual being.


I am dealing with these fears too due to my illness @chordy. I just try to treat the symptoms, keep doctor appointments and I research NDE’s online as well as look into spiritual , inspirational things from time to time. At first when I got diagnosed with COPD and put on oxygen I had so much death anxiety but with time and reading about it I’m coming more to terms with it. When you think about it our age and health by itself isn’t always a predictor, some people live long live’s with age and even some illnesses but at any rate looking into it a bit has helped me settle some although if my symptoms are bad sometimes it scares me. I try to live as fully as I can and distract myself with interesting things. I have no control of when I pass but in spite of physical and mental illness I can enjoy what time I have left, however much that is.


There is no reason to fear death.


Chordy be strong … i know ur brave… take care sweety…