Family history -poll

do you have family history of sz?
I dont, but i have it.

  • yes
  • no

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My mom has it btw. Much worse than anyone I’ve met. She can’t remember anything she said despite it being just said. (merry go round of “how are you?”) She’s been like that for many years and I just caught on lately.


worse than yours? maybe it’s because of the subtype. which subtype she has?

Sz runs in my family…my dad has it…!!! He never took pills …!!! He iz more motivated then i am


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really? he never took pills? and how was he diagnosed?

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I don’t know…

Never offically diagnosed.he has very manageble positive symptoms…negative and cognitive are bad
But.better then me…

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Om who else in ur family has sz…

nobody has…

Wow 50/50 151515

No I thought no bipolar but I was talking to my cousins daughter. She has it.

Wish I’d known early. Had a depressive break at 23…suspected some underlying problems but didn’t know my maternal grandmother had a sister who’se a schizophrenic. Even when I went psychotic it would have helped.

Meanwhile. Three out of four siblings in my fathers generation are on antidepressants and My father should be on them!

So. Schizophrenia…mothers side German. Major Depression. Fathers side Irish/Australian!

58/42 now :wink:

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my mom has it too. And my dad does not seem very normal either.

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I’m the only one “cracked” in my family hahahah :laughing:


Hahaha u are the sane one julian…!!!


My mother has depression, and my Dad’s sister is bipolar. No one else has schizophrenia on either side that we know of, though!

mu auntie has terrible delusions of persecution and hears secret messages on the radio, but she’s never received any kind of treatment for it! She is kind of a little bit hermit-like and quiet, so nobody knows unless she confides in you. I tell her to take meds, she doesn’t listen.

i don’t remember how long I have known she was sz, was it before or after my own sza episode, dunno?

I had a cousin who was one of the worst szs I ever met. She died very young of diabetes after weight gain from meds and not taking care of her diet. The meds didn’t work as well for her as me that’s for sure and she was on worse meds I imagine to gain all that weight…was very low functioning. Believed her mother was Hitler’s wife and swore by it till the day she died.

My cousin now has sza but he’s pretty high functioning. He’s also got asbergers but he does pretty well for it

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