Family dynamics

Punishing never works
Suggesting you are completely unreasonable.
When you don’t go along with what FOOLS do
And we shall wrestle the world from fools.
I spent all yesterday making curry and now I’ve no one to eat it.
My mum smushed me into what she wants me to do and be.
She is so anxious and it makes me irritable.
That’s what it is
Just chill out mum!
Why do I have to be in such a miserable anxious space with you.
It’s a punishment.


((((Hugs)))) dandydinmont

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Ty hun.
It’s worse I phoned her I shpuld have left it I got so angry I called her a shitty mother.mi don’t know what’s wrong with me.

Hey, I would eat your curry. It is my favorite food!

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I have nothing to do with my family haven’t for many years. Frankly been doing better off without them. Dysfunctional comes to mind.

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