Extreme weight loss

Are there any medications that coincide with the weight loss?

Have you ruled out all possible medical illness?

Also, there are eating disorders that don’t involve you thinking your fat. I’m pretty sure one of them os characterized by having an aversion to food. I’m not saying you have this, but stating it for informational purposes.

What exactly are all of your symptoms?

on a daily basis I feel sick to my stomach, and no appetite. once I eat I feel even more sick, im unable to eat big proportions because I get so full now but it doesn’t last long. I have to eat really small all throughout the day to live pretty much… I do feel much better than I did a few months back, I was going days without eating bc I felt so sick… ive had soooo many tests done on me, and never figured anything out.

maybe not in itself. I asked if it could have anything to do with it

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it’s not fun. just imagine wanting to vomit with every bite you take. I gag a lot because it just disgusts me…

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that sounds horrible :weary:

Like I said, I know somebody who has this. It’s dangerous and serious. They are getting hospital tests to get to the bottom of it, I suggest you do the same before its too late.

It’s physical, not psychological.

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I lost about 60 pounds when the illness began. Of course it may have come from the voices telling me to not eat sugar but i’m not sure; Sadly some of my sickest moments have been when I’ve been in the most control of my eating habits. At my last doctor’s visit I weighed 97 pounds more than I did than when I first took antipsychotics almost 24 years ago. That was actually a 30 pound improvement over where it was 9 months ago due to a very restrictive diet. Over time it seems to be a losing effort.

this has happened to me but it was because of the toothpaste I was using that tasted so badly, also I don’t like brushing my tongue that makes me gag

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I wonder if you have an intestinal disorder. I had a friend with similar symptoms and it took years of tests and finding nothing and then she found a specialist. She has a combination of crohns and something else. She has to consume most of he calories in liquid form unfitunately but is finally getting some relief.

I wish you the best and hope they figure it it quickly!

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My sister used to struggle with being underweight. Sorry you’re going through this :confused:


Maintain a proper diet. Take banana with milk it helps to gain weight and consult your doctor.

How does it 15151

I lost 60 pounds at the beginning of my psychosis from September till June. I went down from 230 to 170 at 6’2. Two big factors was the fact I was walking a lot and not eating sugar because the voices told me not to. So I checked labels to see if items had sugar in them and only ate the stuff that didn’t. I also thought I had diabetes at the time. I was brought back on the sugar wagon by the high fructose corn syrup come on because an old book on diabetes said only eat fructose. And when i went on the antipsychotics I started eating regular sugar products again and gained a ton of weight again. I am currently watching my sugar again but not at the near perfection I did before and at last check weighed 258.8 pounds after topping out around 300. I don’t realistically expect to live to a normal age with all the ups and downs I’ve had in my weight.

I am six-five kilos, although that can really plummet if I go off medication.

I take bupropion which helps me lose weight because it causes nausea for me in the morning. I can’t eat breakfast after taking the pill in the morning because it makes me gag if I try to swallow food. I wonder if it is because of a pill that you are taking? I’ve lost 20 pounds since I started taking it in december.