Cursed or not why cant I lose weight?

Continuing the discussion from Losing weight with diet pills while on Antipsychotic Meds:

Obesity has baffled the medical field just as much as schizophrenia. I have battled with it myself but have it under control now at 120 pounds for several years. It is not only diet and exercises, but presentation. When you prepare your food, make it special, treat it like something you respect and care about. Make food your hobby, your passion. It will respond like anyone to love - positively.


yes presentation does play a role in food. I haven’t always been Obese and I don’t like it one bit I am tired of it and I am going to do something about it but its going to take a drastic change in order to lose weight I have gained over the years. I am not Lazy like some people may think I have tried my best but it still hasn’t came off I need to take a more serious approach and watch what I eat more the meds I am on is no longer an excuse for my weight gain because neither the Latuda40mg or Lexapro20mg I have been on cause weight gain they can but I haven’t gained weight from them.Abilify5mg What I was on before switching to Latuda40mg I gained a lot of weight not an extreme amount but it adds up over time I probably only gained 5 to 6 pounds on Abilify5mg how I know because that was what I lost the last time I went off it and went on Loxapine5mg but it didn’t do anything for my anxiety and Depression only added to it but I did lose weight with it go figure. Its just frustrating that I am stuck being fat and don’t want to be but I am what I am and that’s not going to change unless I make changes first in how much I eat a day and cut out snacks. Could it be that I am under some type of Curse not allowing me to succeed I always wondered that I want to push forward but it seems some unseen force is keeping me from moving forward.

@chordy that’s the weight I want to be at and should be at 120 not double that or more. You are so Lucky to have stayed at that weight for several Years Kudos to you.

As far as a curse goes, you may have been cursed as a child ( another mouth to feed ). About jealousy, the only antidote is to be friendly and also remind people that they probably have qualities that you could envy. They’re just not so obvious.