Every time I lost weight I had a psychosis


I come to realize that. Once when I was 16 (I wasn’t diagnozed then even though I made a suicide attempt)
2013 - I was the fitness queen
2017 - I had lost it again - 60lbs
My psychiatrist said losing weight is hard for the brain…
Anybody with same issue?


Every time I lost weight I was then hospitalized. I think going off my meds and losing weight was Indicative of psychosis. Not sure if it was causation or effect. Or what. Probably it was that when I’m off meds I lose a ton of weight easily but I get psychotic.

In high school I lost weight one year I had no problems getting hospitalized back then but my anxiety and delusions and voices too emerged that year worse than before.

Maybe it was stressful

I’m happy where I am now weight wise


I’m short for a man but in 2011 before I got arrested I was about 128 pounds I think when I was checked In the psych ward. Yeah I’m like 5’5-6 but that’s rail thin for me. Now I’m 165 and thats a good weight for me. My most was 180 or so. And in 2013 before getting hospitalized I was 138 again. Obviously gained lots of weight on meds and working out over the past two years. But that was still thin.


Thanks for sharing Gratitude. I was off meds too last year and losing the weight was so easy. Mid march I started getting psychotic… :confused:


Yup, the weight thing is a red flag that I think many of us have experienced. Google cortisol levels and read a few threads. It helps one understand things a little.

Are you guys taking omegas (from fish oil)? It helps, too!


Definitely feels familiar. Had a really bad episode last year, really long one too it lasted months. And the first obvious sign seemed to be that I lost over two stone in about six weeks O__o

It’s happening again and is one of the reasons I’m worrying about relapse.


Yes. I was at my worst three times in my life. 1) As a teenager, when I was also hospitalized for an eating disorder. 2) When I was engaged and losing weight. 3) When I gave birth to my son and was losing the weight.


well how can I lose weight? I will never lose it? I am really depressed about it. Losing my period because of 15 pills I take a day also doesn’t make me happy


Before getting involuntarily committed 3 years ago, I was a lot thinner than I am now.

Don’t know if the reason was because I was on a much lower dose of my meds.

But yeah I was skinnier but out of my mind!


Food is LOVE and we all need that.


Yes. It was the same with me.
2014 - i was more fit than ever. (1st crisis)
2016 - i lost 10 kg, the amount of weight i gained with AP (2nd crisis)


Was at 75 kilos when I had my first psychosis. Had lost weight from 115 kilos. Was in my best shape ever when it hit.