Health class

I’m overweight. I haven’t been most of my life. I even ran marathons in my past and was super skinny. But not now.

anyways i’m taking a health class on eating healthy for mentally ill people.

it’s really interesting. One thing she mentioned was that eating and balancing your carbs, protein and fat more instead of eating tons of carbs (which i do) will help make your mental health meds more effective. I can’t remember why that is true. But that’s what she said. it also can help with weight loss. we talk about easy recipes to make and they bring in some healthy food to try too. So far it’s been really beneficial. I wish there were more classes like this everywhere!

i’m hoping i can apply what i learn and lose some weight. I will let you know how it goes.


Another thing i want to add is i feel very comfortable in the class. I feel like i fit in and that is a nice feeling to feel. most of the time i don’t feel that way!


That’s very cool! It’s always nice to feel like you fit in. Are there others with mental illness in the class? Have you socialized with any classmates yet?

It sounds like an awesome class. Please keep sharing what you’ve learned!



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Everyone in the class has mental illness. I’ve chatted a bit with people but so far not too much.

I will keep you updated with what I’ve learned. Thanks Anthony!

ive found with this topic that i get fed up of being onthe diet cycle then fall off and feel like poo right now im of the opinion theres more to life that obsessive over your body.,


This sounds great. Please post recipes. :slight_smile:

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I know how to lose weight really fast. I used to do it for bodybuilding in the summers and spring, I would eat a high protein and moderate carb and zero fat diet and exercise like normal. I would have a six pack in a month and keep it until the fall, then I would have a four pack. I had virtually no fat, I was really quite a sight in the summers. In the fall and winter I was one inch bigger in the waist

Now I have to eat normally but for my first competition in the fall or summer (havent decided when to compete) I might have to eat very strictly, high protein, moderate carbs and almost zero fat to lose a few lbs to make the 165 weigh-in. right now I am 168 hydrated in the afternoons.

I might just not adjust my diet and dehydrate in order to lose the weight for a weigh-in like boxers and MMA fighters do. Powerlifters and fighters are known to drop 20lbs in water and poop and food in like 3 days to make weigh-ins. I read about a heavyweight powerlifter dropping 35lbs and making a 220lb weigh-in, then his stats were off the chart because he was actually 255.

But whatever dont just lose weight on the scale, burn fat with a strict diet and exercise. It’s safe to dramatically cut down your calories as long as you eat enough with your meds, some meds MUST be taken with at least 400 calories or they dont work as well and might just leave you with an episode.

I used to be obsessed and was even anorexic for about 6 months when I was 16. Basically, you are what you eat- a plate full of tuna, black beans and brown rice is basically muscle and carbs. A slice of pizza is mostly fat and processed carbs, which are digested too quickly (high glycemic index) and can make you fat. Generally speaking, brown carbs are better, they have fiber and low glycemic indexes and wont just go to your stomach and hips.


I was thinking about calling NAMI and going to their support groups. Maybe I should. I am overweight currently. They call it obesity, but is it really? I seen many slimmer folks who were labeled obese. You have to have the desire and discipline to make anything become of it. I’m on seroquel 800mg, weight has been a see-saw I drop down to 242lb then up to 254lb. I don’t like the idea of cutting too many cals. I often lose brain power as well when I do. My goal like many gym goers is just get as big as possible. There is not much definition in terms of ripped muscles on most guys who can bench 500lbs, but one thing I’m doing the way I do is for strength.

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