Extreme weather events confirmed as due to Climate Crisis by BBC News UK

Is it time to say that this is un-politicised ?

Confirmed by BBC in statements on the News about wildfires and storms and floods

This has gone beyond politics
it is common knowledge

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Also - just to be annoying

  • it is caused by humans.
    if there is disagreement here it is mistaken opinion and that position is not behind the science

Looks more like a religious cult to many. Sorry.

what country do you live in?

Canada, where we could definitely use a longer growing season.

No point talking to you then

As I was saying, cult.

are you saying you don’t believe the climate is changing? or that you ignore the facts that it is caused by humans

I’m saying I’m here to provide and receive schizophrenia support and I’d like it if the no politics edit was enforced here.

I heard recently that it was due to a tilt in the earths rotation, nothing to do with humans


so climate crisis will make sure that Sz’s are safe?
it is a verifiable human and all species on the planet relevant
I would not take people with schizophrenia outside events on Earth

time to start digging a hole then

then you haven’t done your research

I’m not here trying to pick a fight
I just wonder if the information is out there - why not take it upon yourself to do some googling

it was nasa that said it

link please?


okay - sorry but you haven’t even dipped your foot in the knowledge NASA talks about on a quick simple look up

not to quote links but
look up “nasa climate crisis” and get back to me

they talk about the earths rotation and how it has tilted but that may be due to melting ice

that being said, i fear this topic may be triggering to many :frowning:

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pick a fight with strangers any time you like
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