?Anyone watching the news? Climate Change

There is so little going on in the UK
a heat wave that has only been considered as the most lovely weather we’ve had since '76

I have got to get out of thinking i will die of cancer before i am anywhere near old
for the reason that it will be self fulfilling prophecy.

where i really need to worry more about revolution, civil wars, invasions of migration which has only just started if this is how the world is going which it is

I have always been easily reassured that the UK is not a country where we have extremes of anything and even the plague was centruies ago

no land based war in my lifetime other than the IRA

we never had a thing go wrong here . the odd little storm, Some big floods which pale completely to nothing when compared to tropical storms in the us

Just to say i intend to ignore people posting about how they don’t believe in Climate Change because of human-global-catastrophe caused by fossil fuels and animal agriculture, consumerism - et cetera

becasue that is not worth my time
say what you like i will not react other than with inner horror

Global warming? Sign me up. Looks to me like we’re hitting the Maunder Minimum.

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well sorry i tried to delete 151515

really trying not to sound like an ass

I have only been head in the sand like so many

major flooding and drought and fires and storms, mass migration and huge growth of the far right, which is sickening

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i watch the climate change every time i look out of the window, everyday i walk in the wind, rain or shine, i love climate change tbh,

imo it is better to put your trust in the hands of the creator, and just hope in the name of all things holy that it turns out ok


we need to change the way we live our lives,
go electric - lose the petrol and diesel cars
give up meat
fly less
consume less
take action each one of us

these are disasters (fires, floods, storms, drought, disease, war, starvation, lack of fresh water)
which will be widespread across the globe like the human race has never seen since it began
by 2040 -
it’s starting already

turn on the TV


i know, i have a small carbon footprint compared to others, probably less than a caveman would use lol (maybe) the only thing i have that i wish was better is an electric car, hopefully in another 3 years i can get one but its diesel atm :frowning: to my shame.

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i think i have been in denial about the whole ‘within our lifetimes’ thing along with the rest of the sheep

Not happening. Also thought this site wasn’t political?

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I went vegan and failed a lot in the last 2 - 3 years
and i’m only into my second strict month

been using the bus for a year
but only cos my family doesn’t want me to be a driver cos i usually knock off wing mirrors or write off cars

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i try my best, that’s all we can do

i tried to go veggie but meat sneaked back in

i think if they bred less cattle then that would help a lot, if it was less available,

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this isn’t politics

it is what is happening to the planet

It actually escapes me how it will be seen as political
any of it


the consumer is king

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