Expressing my emotions

Sometimes i feel traped in my head.and i feel like everyone wants to hurt me at times, but i look at myself and tell my self that not true.


That’s very expressive the picture tells a lot it’s really good.

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Thank you very much! I try my best in my art as well as my emotions.

So what are your symptoms?

Well i have schizoafftive discorder depressed type. I tend to hulsantion when i am upset or feeling nervous.

I hear voices and see things. It ranges form shadow people to gory stuff which makes me sick when i see it.

My psychosis is independent of my emotions and whenstable I’m normal. When I’m psychotic I get depressed and it’s almost as bad as the delusions.

I bet it is. Depression is hard to deal with. I have it as well.

I tend to up my pain in my art so i dont lash out at people. I never want to hurt anyone even if my thoughts and voices make me think people want to hurt me.

you’re good at art

but I wonder if this should stay here

I posted a piece I did on 9-1-1

and it got removed.

I think art is a great outlet. What do you do for fun?

I can show you my blog if you like?

Who knows. If so i understand. My art tends to ve violent or scary cuz that i am scared or hurting in the time that i make some of it


I understand that too

I certain hope you can put those thoughts out of mind though

that people are out to hurt you

people shouldn’t live in fear.


It doesn’t matter what you are drawing. This is a great way in which you are expressing yourself. That is what makes your art unique. Keep doing it!! :heart_eyes:


I mainly live in fear cuz i been abuse for most of my life. So that why i fall into the mind set.

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Thank you very much!

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It can take a whole lifetime to heal from abuse

hope your art helps with it

I write a lot about pain, I’ve experienced a lot of it

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We all do in our lives, but pain can make beautiful works. I write as well. I wish to share a few poems if you like daze?

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I’d like to read them, yes.

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Here 2 poems i wrote a while ago.

the first time we kissed felt like bliss,
but the second time you crossed the line. And a part of me died on the inside.

hold me down and let me drowned. feeling love struck is starting to scare me now.
you say your my salvation, but how can I tell that.
when your the one holding me down.
I am hurting myself and no one around me can see that I am drowning.


very honest and full of feeling

my love poems are not all that pretty either

some of these internal wounds do make it hard to love again

I guess you only truly fall in love like 3 times in your life.

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