I made paintings based on my psychosis


I like to paint in watercolors and acrylics. I paint the way psychosis makes me feel.
I’m working on another one of these paintings today. I’m still learning.

Does Sz. Influence Your Art?

the second one is really beautiful.


Very nice @stellaglow! :slight_smile:


Awesome! 15151551515


Thank you, friends.
I just finished my painting today; I painted how I feel with invisible people always watching me.
It says, “they can see me; everywhere.”


Wow! Nice!! :slight_smile: 15151515


Wonderful art. Just wonderful. Congrats! :blush:


You’re so talented! I always think I want to do this, but they never turn out very well. I usually just use crayons while in the hospital, though.


Thank you :slight_smile:
I’m honestly not talented; I just paint what comes to mind. If you release yourself from constraints you will paint well.
That’s what I think.


Those are beautiful


I once painted a dark forest with red eyes painted into the limbs and trunks of the trees with me sitting in the middle of the forest…thank you for reminding me. I love your work.


Thank you :blush:
Perhaps I should start a thread for artwork of all kind (music, art, photography, etc.) and we can all post there?
I’m working on another piece and would love for a place to post it :smile:


I’ve been feeling like people are watching me; eyes everywhere…I just had to paint it.

The feeling of being watched is terrible.

I also did some practicing with my alcohol-based markers.

I know I’m not too good, but I’m getting there:blush:


Thanks for posting these! I love to see and share other people’s art work. And yours are wonderful. I would love to participate in an art thread. Perhaps that will motivate me to get back to the art :slight_smile:


I’ve made new paintings :smile:
I hope you guys like it.


Nice work @stellaglow!
Keep it up!


I painted an old sketch today; I hope to do more tomorrow.

I did this as an eating disorder sketch because I purge every day :frowning:


Excelent! Really excellent. You do a good job of portraying pain. I also like the nakedness you portray. You express something a lot of sz’s feel.


Thank you :blush:


The eyes are always watching…I wish I could better capture the feeling.
I’m working on more art.