Check out my art blog

I’ve made a art blog on tumblr which is called liv-ehh it will have a lot of my vent work and art I do when delusional or psychotic

Here is a picture I worked on


Like the colours

I made a lot of art when I was very sick, and I burnt it all.

The last time I drew something was for my tattoo sleeve. I lost the original. I wanted to frame it

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Thank you !!, maybe get back into art If you can!

I do find that when I look back at my art when i was having episode can be shocking at times if you get what I mean

I drew a lot of my hallucinations, and when I got better I burnt it all as I wanted no memory of it

I was very sick.

But what you have there is a great skill. Hobbies are important and I am glad you have found a space online to share your works

Keep going with it


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Ah yeah I understand I’m glad your feeling better !!

And thank you so much means a lot !!

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