Experiences with Cogentin/Benztropine

Has anyone taken benztropine/cogentin to help with tactile hallucinations? I was and still am taking Risperdal, but stopped it abruptly even though I wasn’t supposed to. I started taking it again a little less than two weeks ago, and my psych prescribed benztropine to go with it. He said it would stop the tactile hallucinations that I’m being eaten by bugs, and he thinks the hallucinations are actually muscle spasms caused by withdrawal from Risperdal. None of the research I’ve done indicates that benztropine will stop hallucinations. Has it helped anyone else?

I knew someone who was on benzotropine and it caused a horrible level of sedation, he slept a good 20 hours a day, never stopped. He didn’t wake up until 4-5pm everyday and he stayed up until 7 or 8pm or so and then went back to bed. I’m not sure how much it helped him with his symptoms.

I took cogentin to alleviate side effects from my other medications. All it did was give me extreme dry mouth and blurry vision.

Not for hallucinations, no.

It helps me get to sleep when Restless Leg Syndrome is preventing me from sleeping.


Do you have akathisia @Jayster?

I’ve had wicked akathisia in the past. Restless Leg Syndrome is different, however. I’m not sure what you are asking.


I was just clarifying. Some people mistake RLS for akathisia.

Well speak up about what you know , , ,

Thanks for your responses, y’all. I appreciate it. :slight_smile: