Cogentin / Benzotropine


Does anyone else take it and for what reason? I have taken for more than thirty years for side-effects from my medication.
Does it have other uses? It’s generic name is Benzotropine.


a good question for a psychiatrist nick.? I don’t take it but I always inquire about meds I hear about with my pdoc. helps me anyways.


I take it as a PRN. About once a month I can’t sleep because of Restless Legs. This med stops that in short order for me.



my pdoc won’t prescribe benzo’s…out of the question. I guess that’s pretty good for me since I am an addict. at least I mean I have an addictive personality.


Different benzo, Jukebox . . .


If I don’t take it my arms and legs get stiff. In my first few years with this disease I was seeing a psychiatrist once a week.The first thing he did when I came in for sessions is he would have me stand up with both arms at my side and he would lift my arms, up and down, to see if they were getting stiff. The cogentin was supposed to stop all that.


You get this stiffness from Risperidone, 77nick77. When I heard you take 8 mg Risperidone, I was surprised and was wondering how you could withstand the side efffects of this med as I had ever been on this med myself which was only 1 mg, I got lots of eside effect from it. Now I understand that you had Cogentin to counteract the side effects of high dose of Risperidone.


To be honest, I don’t know if I still take it for stiffness or something else. My new doctor checked for stiffness only once in the past 6 months. But I was on prolixen from 1981 to 2003 and I was taking cogentin the entire time.


@77nick77 may I ask why you stopped the prolixin? I’m on prolixin.


My doc took me off of it to reduce the chances of me getting TD. I was on it for more than twenty years and it worked well for me while I was taking it.


Mostly Parkinsons, it sounds like:



I take it to help with drooling and tremors. Problem with t use it too much and it causes constipation.


My son was taking cogentin with his prolixin injections. He only took as needed. The first few days, he would have tremors. He took the cogentin and they would stop.
Resperidal was given to him as one of the first meds-he could not tolerate it. Caused major stiffness in his back and neck.