What are the effects of Cogentin?

My pdoc gave me some benztropine. Is it effective for restlessness?

How does cogentin make you feel? Relaxed? Warm and fuzzy?

I want to know the feeling this medication gives you. also what effect it has on eps, specifically restlessness.

It really helped with my feeling tired due to APs; I wish I was still on it but my doctor told me to stop taking it.

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shameless bump, im about to take some cogentin, should i take 1mg or more? whats the dosing?

If I remember correctly, I was taking 1-2 mg per day.

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ill take 2mg but ill space it out

What did your doctor prescribe you to take? Read the label.


I take it twice a day and feel nothing from it. They are totally insistent that I take it but I have no idea why except “it helps with side effects”. I really need to ask the question again and really pin them down on why I have to take it. I do have td and I think it may have something to do with that but it seems they don’t like talking about the td very much.

And the psychologist I saw yesterday had only one question about my meds which was how many mg of Cogentin I take. Really? With all the meds I take that is the only one you want to know the mgs of? Weird. What is Cogentin anyway?

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I took 4 tablets (2mg total) i think thats a good starting dose. I dont feel any different though.

I didn’t ask what you took. I asked what your doctor prescribed.

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You’re not going to get high from it if that is what you’re asking.

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I’ve been taking it for thirty years. Definitely no “warm and fuzzy” feeling. i took it for muscle stiffness from prolixen. Every week when I saw my psychiatrist he would have lift my arm to see if it raised freely or whether it was stiff. And when I was younger I skipped a bunch of days until my dad asked me why I was so stiff. Because I didn’t realize it myself, I couldn’t see it in myself.

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I’m not trying to get high, just get some relief from akathisia and the dysphoric feeling it causes in me. And maybe be able to concentrate and sit still more. I’m hoping the cogentin will lift some of the constant bad feeling, not get me high.

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I am supposed to take it for stiff muscles. But it makes me Really Spacey I don’t like it but it does work. I don’t know if I would build up a tolerance to the Spacey feeling because I can’t tolerate it short term. Kinda curious if I should be stick it out for a few weeks but I hate even a day of it.

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Any feedback on the feeling cogentin gives you?

Also in terms of TD have you tried anything non prescription - such as Choline, CDP Choline, Alpha GPC or Huperzine A? all raise choline levels which in theory is what Cogentin should do if it blocks acetlycholine receptors.

My concern would be that it could increase psychosis ( @5713 …or possibly “spaceness” which btw @Tyme sounds suspiciously like “high” ) as it also is a dopamine reuptake inhibitor hence increasing dopamine levels - which may be why your docs are asking about it @Leaf.

Interesting that according to wiki " benzatropine is used to treat priapism in stallions."…whoa ! :slight_smile:

My pdoc put me on Cogentin recently for violent intention tremors. It has helped a lot.

Cogentin makes my mouth feel like it’s stuffed with cotton balls all of the time. Very, very dry mouth. Nasty.

Classic anticholinergic effect - you may also find sluggish bowel movements possibly slight constipation. Also even some mild tension in the neck /clenching of the jaws. Good idea to rinse your mouth often with Soda Bicarbonate as dry mouths often exacerbate tooth decay.

Any review on the psychoactive aspects of Cogentin? - ie -makes you feel more alert ? less delusional thinking ? etc …??

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Cogentin stopped my restless leg syndrome. Been on it for 10 years. Works like a charm.

I had the same cogentin when I was on haldol and it gave me blurry vision

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Thing about the spacyness goes away about 48 hours after you stop definitely eat with it. Not an enjoyable high but don’t think it would increase phycocis it’s more of I could care less about anything spacy I don’t like it because I can’t get much done if you don’t work it may be tolerated. Just don’t first try it on a work day I get blurry vision as well

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