Cogentin for restlessness?

Has anyone tried Cogentin for akathisia/restlessness? What’s it like?

Yes, I take it as a PRN.

I take kemadrin. Is a similar sort of thing.

I was getting ■■■■ side effects from it…my body doesn’t tolerate meds well though…it did help with the akathisia…and my doc said most people do fine on it…

When they put me on 40 mg Haldol a day I had problems with my body twisting up into weird positions. When they put me on cogentin that went away, but I was still miserable.

Thanks everyone. I’m on Invega Sustenna now and it works. It’s just the akathisia. My pdoc is putting me on Congentin this coming Tuesday I believe, so just wanted to know how it worked for others.

I hope you are feeling better now!

What kind of side effects??

Yes. Right now I am on Geodon and Seroquel, and I feel hugely better. These drugs control my symptoms, and I feel fine/

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didnt help with akathisia but it did for stiffness

It often causes cognitive dulling, thats what my pdoc said.

Cogentin is nasty stuff but when you can’t stop moving from akithisia it’s the only thing that takes the edge off. I personally hunted around until I found a med that doesn’t cause akithisia. Now there’s no need to take cogentin