Cogentin (benztropine) for drooling?

Does anyone here have experience with Cogentin for the side effect of drooling?

I saw my pdoc yesterday, and she prescribed it to me so I took it last night. I had no positive results, and I am still drooling.

I was told by another user on here to ask for atropine sulfate eye drops. I did, and my pdoc said she didn’t want to prescribe it to me because I have a history of taking medication more than that’s prescribed, so she was weary of prescribing it.

How long should I wait to see results with the Cogentin, before i report that it is not working?

I take cogentin with other meds. I still take it. Be careful though.

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Does it work by stopping the side effect of drooling?

I don’t drool with cogentin. On clozapine makes me drool. Ask a pdoc

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Trihexyphenidyl stopped my clozapine drooling

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Thank you @anon94176359, I will research it

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I didn’t drool with benztropine. I would give it a couple of weeks before you tell your doctor that it isn’t working. One night isn’t enough, I don’t think- you can’t expect miracles.

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@Happy_H: will do, thanks for the feedback. Wasn’t sure how Cogentin works. Meaning, how long does it take to reach therapeutic levels

Well I was put on cogentin not for drooling but for restlessness. It didnt do anything to help my symptoms. But it made a vision blurry.

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Thanks @anon12381882

Cogentin is the only thing that helps my clozapine drools (lol). I have never noticed any side effects from it besides dry mouth obviously. Sometimes i need to take 2 or 3 of them though which really helps. It should work and be in your system relatively fast.

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I use benztropine for the movement related side effects of my AP. It works well for this, but I’ve not seen a decrease in salivation at all.

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Thank you @arrgghh @mrjeremyfisher

I’m on clozapine so it causes a lot of drooling, I got prescribed atrovent. I still drool but maybe not as much as I would without it