Exercised today

I exercised today through Comcast on demand. I did yoga, and some light pilates. it was my partner’s idea.


good on you :trophy::heart:
take care :alien:

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I remember years ago I was on this general forum and a woman posted in and said…

“I did Pilates today.”

So I posted in and said…

“You slept with some Spanish guy?”

BOOM! I was banned within minutes!



I tried to all 18 minutes of the work out but I could only do half but I figure I can do more as I work my way up.

@Patrick lol that’s funny


that is what i had to do…:heart:
good on you :trophy:
take care :alien:

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Keep it up
I did 20 min pedalling at gym this morning


Good for you @cbbrown - Way to go!

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thanks @Wave I tried again today and stretched my back out a little to far but that won’t deter me. I plan on doing it again tomorrow.


Woohoo! Good job, keep it up, mate!

My friend got me into going to her gym with her recently. Exercise somehow calms down the brain with chemicals and such.

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Good for you @cbbrown! I wish I could get my son to exercise. All he does is sit inside and watch tv :disappointed: I know it would do him so much good. I try to be patient and hope he will gradually get more motivated. P.S. I can recommend fitness blender for free workout videos. Great variety and some are as short as 5 minutes :relaxed:

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that sounds great! i do sit ups and stomach exercises but i keep gaining weight :slight_smile:

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