Everything is much better now- It's been almost one year since I began recovering

It’s been almost a year since I quit drinking and got on meds. My friends and family are back from college so Im spending a lot of time with them. I recovered from that little episode with the xanax binging and Ive been sleeping 10 hours the past two nights. I made all A’s this year, both semesters. I am getting really close to master rank in powerlifting, im just 55lbs away from a 1160 lb total.

I got on these forums right when I was feeling my meds work really well, right after I got on a new meds regiment. It’s been really effective and my life has greatly improved very quickly. I was doing better for several months before but I wasnt a necessarily recovered before November of 2013, and that’s when I got on here a lot. Recovered and in remission are two different things.

The last half of a year has been full of life for me. In every way, I have grown very quickly. I was an unmedicated psychotic alcoholic on this day last year, it wasnt until around June 15th that I got on a therapeutic dose of Geodon and quit being completely psychotic. Now psychosis has seldom happened, only for a few hours a few times November.

We can all get better, and some of us on here are already doing very well. I was hopeless at this time last year, I survived one miserable day and drunken night at a time and saw nothing else to life. It was just survival and hell back then, no meds, alcohol dependence, and I made myself function in school, which only made me suffer more, its psychologically and emotionally scarring to function while really psychotic and messed up, dependent on liquor. At least that’s how I feel about it- being super messed up and functioning was harder than when I just didnt do anything but lift weights and play xbox during the first month of the summer, still just as messed up on booze and no meds. I got clean in late June of 2013 and was detoxed completely by mid July.

Thanks to everyone who is supportive for being supportive!


Happy 1 year anniversary on stable ground and gaining.

Just in time for your 21st.

One year sober, one year off the roller coaster and one year of better times.


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Congratulations to you. I hope your recovery continues for a lifetime! :smile:


Great News - Thanks for your participation here. You’ve also helped a lot of people here I know. Your recovery helps many others. Keep up the great effort!


I just want you to know you are doing amazing…! :smile:

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Yay for you! That is an amazing attestment to your inner strength and resolve. Your story gives me hope:)