Ever had your hallucination come after you to beat you up? I had

There was this one time when my hallucination tried to beat me up. I know now that it was hallucination because they were talking about me with my name tossed around in that discussion and when I tried to confront them they almost beat me up.


That’s weird


i experience this too, its such a terrifying experience

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Absolutely. 151615151515165


You Guys Seem Pretty Bored.

Hey!, @latenightsurfer, Have You Thought About Going To The Beach To Catch Some Waves Instead Of Coming Up With Stories That Make Absolutely No Sense?.

Or Possibly Taking Your Medications?.

Jus Sayin. . . . . . .

I have a problem with men closing in on me if I leave the house. They want to attack me. So I only go if my husband can come along

Why are you being hard on him @ATARI ?

Sorry @ZmaGal.

A Hallucination Speaks For Itself. Hallucination.

His Story. Absolute Confusion.

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There Are Fantasies & Realities.

Delusional Thinking, And Stories That Belong In A Theater.

Or…, Well…, Maybe A Commercial?.

Not Sure Really.

These Guys Are Obviously Bored And Wasting Everyone’s Time.

wow, thats really mean


Okay Fine.

Everyone In Thus Thread, My Message To You, Personally…,

Have A Great Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, And Or Night.

Peace Be Unto You.

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I had a hallucination beat me up. My sides were aching after and my left eye hurt. There was a red spot on the white of my eye.

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I Had A Hallucination, Of The Medication Haldol That Came From The Sea Nation.

It Wasn’t True Of Course, Since The Doctor’s Told Me That Hallucinations Aren’t Real.

Visuals = Distant Blinking Memory Looping

Audio = Distant Abstract Memory Looping

In Which My Psychologist Told Me, That Even Though The Nation Wasn’t Real. The Looping Still Was. So It Split Like A Snake’s Tongue. At The Tip Of The Hypnotic Stare Feelings.

Ya’know, Kinda Like Beautiful Dreams Of Sunlight And Things. . . . . . .

Are those hallucinations you talking about?

Woah that’s really scary.

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That’s what I’m told. I just don’t believe it. When I used to work they came into my work at two different jobs. No one said I was just talking to myself. So if no one said anything then that means it’s real

Thank you for saying. It was scary.

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So you get hallucinations even after taking your meds?

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Apparently. I’m highly med compliant too. I’ve tried tons of APs at the highest dose. I’m not a good candidate for clozapine so I can’t take that

Intersting … so how r u managing then? Do yiu face difficulties in normal life?

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