Been a while aince i’ve posted

Recently had a particularly severe episode after not sleeping for a day. It was different. There were full blown hallucinations and my experience of time was way off. I’ve been pretty worn out since then. Still playing guitar every day and i’m hoping to put a guitar video up on youtube soon. Trying to remain positive but i can’t stop thinking about this one.


Well it’s nice to see you around, hope you start feeling better soon.

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For the first time i was actually experiencing full blown conversations with people who weren’t there. I wasn’t scared or paranoid, it just seemed normal.

I’d be in my room in the dark and see these people that i knew but i’d turn the lights on and they would disappear. It was like a different plane of existence. It definitely felt like a dream but I was fully awake. My parents were scared.

Hallucinations can be frightening. If we can’t trust our minds what can we trust. You just need reassure yourself that they are just hallucinations and that’s part of sz. Thankfully the subject matter is mundane and not demonic. Most of my hallucinations are mundane so I don’t have to deal with fright as much as annoyance usually. Sometimes though something will make the hair on the back of my neck stand up and I get freaked out, sometimes it can’t be helped.


How often do you get episodes like this? And why were you unable to sleep?

I’ve never experienced anything this severe. Somehow i ended up at the bar around the corner of my house after closing time at 4 in the morning. Not sure why i couldn’t sleep.


I’m glad to see you on here again, but sorry to hear you’ve been having so much trouble. I hope you get back to feeling better soon.


I’m sorry they have your so shaken. I get hallucinations like that pretty often when my meds aren’t doing their job and it’s definitely unnerving. Not being able to trust yourself, your senses, with basic things gets really exhausting.

I’m glad to see you back, though!


Good to see you back on here @SpacemanInvader.
Sorry that you experienced some scary stuff.

I experienced some pretty scary delusions 2 years ago and had to be hospitalized.

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I’ve had this. It feels like talking and communicating with beings of another dimension (lower and higher). Notice that when this happens it’s at a time where your brain needs to escape from potential harm? Emotionally or physically? It happens. It can be fun, euphoric and then harmful in the end. Medication isn’t for everyonw, but if this is a negative experience you should think about it. Abilify worked for me to rid them.

I’m on abilify. Fortunately the experience only lasted for a couple of days.

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