Even if you hate people, you deserve music

I turn toward music when I’m not fit to live with.


Music is a huge part of my daily life. Always have something playing if even just in the background. Mostly classical like mozart, bach, vivaldi, chopin and also lots of screamo metal.


I don’t hate anyone.

I also enjoy liking ppl.

But there have been times where I hated my mum.

Me and her used to have a really rocky relationship.

I did turn to music.

Music never judges you.

It is just there for you to feel kind of okay

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Sometimes we forget that moms are people.

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Yep they feel too. She hated me I hated her

Not sure who started it

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Music chills my AVH (voices). They say things that lead me to youtube based music. But playing some appropriate tracks, through a good speaker and wotnot, really chills my voices and makes life better, If you are interested in a different approach to listening, I recommend Soundcloud. I have a channel, with ‘speeches’ to my schizophrenia voices.

I never hated people. When I was psychotic, people, all people, really hated me. And for many years too.

Then, my pdoc added a third AP, Seroquel, to my regimen. All the hate magically went away. Everyone seemed to love me after that.