Do you like music

Do you like music? How much do you like music? I like music, a medium amount.


I’m 61. I can’t say I really like music all that much anymore. I much prefer stone silence.

But, from age 4 to age 51, I was absolutely CRAZY about popular music: rock, pop, r& b, hip hop, metal, and dance music. I sang and especially danced, everywhere I went, music playing or no. The music was always on in my head.


I enjoy music (音乐) but I doubt that the majority of schizophrenics here would understand the lyrics (歌词) that I listen too. My love for music is so phenomenal that I own 2 Karaoke machines (卡拉OK机) both of which have over 50,000 songs (五万首歌) that are on demand via the cloud computing (云服务器).

The same can be said of the Japanese (日本) and Korean (韩国) people in terms of Karaoke.


That sounds like fun. I have never tried karaoke. My sister said she’d buy a karaoke machine for Christmas. I think she must have forgotten.

I love music. I listen to music almost daily and also played music professionally at one point.

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I try to create songs and play harmonica.

“I am to blame,
that drives the strongest man insane,
what a shame.” Lalala

Music is wicked important to me. It is more important to me than my nonschizophrenic siblings.

I have music swirling around my thoughts like waves all day long and it sometimes makes me not want to listen to any of it, but lately it’s been helping me stay cheerful and grounded. Ive also been making music most of my life.

Honestly i think i overdid it when i was a teenager. I was obsessed with music and didnt ever let myself have any silence at all through all of high school. I got bad hearing loss from that and i think it ■■■■■■ up my brain.

There was a period when i thought that elliott smith was possessed by a demon who made him write his songs specifically to torture me, and in my head i could hear him singing “real” lyrics to his songs that were directly threatening me. That made it hard to trust any music.

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