Enough depressing posts...what are your goals?


@Malvok Unhealthy or Healthy does not mean much when it comes to how a person living with SZ is doing. Not everyone on this board is going to be delusional or have negative symptoms. Some people with SZ are leaning toward a type of snobbery - Its like you are not doing well so get the ■■■■ off this site. For better or worst we all suffer from different degrees of SZ. My point was not everyone is going to sound rational or happy or “normal” whatever this means. After all this is a SZ site not Facebook. But I do see your point as well. We shouldnt be whipping ourselves with negativity if possible. I mean the reality is we are not going to be positive all of the time, but I guess we can at least fake it.


My thing is that when someone posts something obviously delusional you see a bunch of people come out to agree with it, or support it but you never see anyone say that it’s delusional. It’s like people are afraid to confront the one who is being delusional or they want to hold their hand as if that will help.

The absolute best thing a person can do to help someone is to reinforce that their thoughts are not reality based, that they come from a biological illness, and that medication is the most effective way of controlling that illness.


That is re-eye opening thing, and it surprises me that I have to keep those eyes open. It’s something to keep my eye on.

It’s been about 2 or more years since I managed to crawl out of my wax build-up. Even then I didn’t do it alone. (meds, therapy, family)

I have to admit, I’ve gotten in a bit of a head space of taking this lack of negative for granted. I hate negative symptom so much I don’t even like to think about it. I’ve almost forgotten what it taste like. The residual taste like fear… (my fear)


I agree, Malvok, that there needs to be some rational discussion on reality testing. There are posts that are so obviously delusional that I have trouble even reading them. And I think those kinds of posts are triggering to those of us who are prone to delusion and paranoia.

Thank you for bringing this topic to light.




@SurprisedJ I see your point and Malvoks point - We should remain focused and remain positive even when we are having a difficult time being positve. We can focus on supporting each other and not enabling delusional thoughts. I totally agree with this. I mean I can remain positive without pretending to be positve when Im having a bad day, I guess its possible. Its not easy but possible.


Kicking an entire circus out of my head and then cleaning up after it has never been easy. :elephant: :tiger2: :circus_tent:

People here only know me by what I post here. There is some stuff that I don’t even want to admit to myself, much less see it in print. There are some bad days and panic attacks and over reactions and other things that make me angry with myself. But I personally know if keep bringing it up, I’ll keep reliving it… over and over and over… I have to break out of that cycle. Sometimes I get it right. Sometimes my wheels fall off.


I think a little tolerance can go a long way. Not everyone is at the same stage of recovery or insight yet all are welcome to share. Perhaps if you see something that you don’t like or agree with then glance over it or at the very least respond with kindness. As a caregiver I can only say that pointing out that someone is not in the same reality as myself… Well you get my point :smile:


I want to stop cutting…


This was really what I meant to say but because I woke up in a messed up mood, it got lost in the shuffle. Malvok made a very important point about enabling delusional thinking. I have been delusional and have posted - I also have responded to delusional posts. Reality testing and supporting each other is very important. I have to see the bigger picture - my apologies for behaving like a total Jackass this morning, I should know better


I don’t know if you are into social media sites but this site on tumblr has some good distraction and alternative ideas.


i am not allowed on social media sites unfortunately :\


I can private message you the lists if you think it will help.


okay. go ahead and do that please XD


You have just as much right to have a bad day like everyone else. I hope you feel better.


Thanks J feeling a little better, I dont want to blame it all on this new med, it has some good qualities about it, but it has been doing a number on my moods and thinking. I am adjusting to it, Im seeing my doctor tommorow to discuss the dosage. My intentions were not to offend anyone - we do need some more positive vibes around here, it can only help


I am doing pretty well in school, I just want to keep up the good work and get stronger in powerlifting, which I’ve gotten into since last summer. I injured myself squatting last summer and was out with a torn groin muscle and a pulled abductor for about a month, I lost weight and had to start over. I am getting personal training from an Elite ranked powerlifter who works at the gym I go to, I am doing that tonight. Logic exam on thursday. I really want to make it through this winter without getting depressed, the cold kind of makes me anxious and depressed for some reason.

But I want to finish undergrad in psych with a good GPA and at least get a masters after that. I should be able to, my meds have me stablized although waking up and getting all my meds in my bloodstream kind of disorients me, it takes a while to get out bed, (sedation there) make coffee, eat and take my three medications. It takes them all about an hour to really kick in, I feel a little odd in the mornings and take my time to get ready for the day…but once I get all of my meds in me I feel ready to take on the day.

I’ve come so far from where I was a year ago, and I want to go further in recovery. That means really working to my potential. I was very symptomatic and asocial except for drinking with other kids and I cut class whenever I could. For a couple classes I just showed up for exams. Now I am fully functioning and I don’t drink or cut class, and my GPA went up half a point last semester.

It’s really just a matter of staying well for me.


Then it looks like my time posting my thoughts and experiences on this sight are over, goodbye


Negative symptoms are different from depression. I have all the negative symptoms, but my depression has been treated by the right med at the right dose. I don’t dance, but after decades I’ve gotten to a point that I know some things I want to do. Doing them is another can of peas My whole life with people is fake. It gets me by. Continue doing what seems right to you.


Hi pob. I know that negative symptoms and depression are separate conditions, I have both too
This morning I was not doing so well, and was not thinking about other people doing well now, but still struggling. Im doing something about my depression, taking a new med for it. Hopefully it works out. I was out of sorts and felt frustration with myself. I have been trying to remain positive but when I dont feel so positive or when I am feeling delusional, I will not allow it to spill over too much - I have been living with this condition for a long time and I am starting to blame myself for the little progress I have made. But I am not going to give up - never. Thanks



Sorry you aren’t doing well. I’ve never try to be positive. It might work, but I sort of don’t think so. It may be just window dressing. I am very much an Eeyore and use that to make points with my sense of humor.

Hopefully your Dr is working with you on the dosage of the antidepressants you are taking. I never just take what the Dr tells me to. I have a say in it as well. I tried the different ones + when I came to the one I liked the best, worked on the dose. It was when I got to the highest dose possible, that luckily I was finally free of depression.

That was 10 or 20 years ago. I’m fortunate not to be struggling so much anymore. Also I’ve never had positive symptoms, which complicates and intensifies things even more.

As you can see I can only speak for myself. People send me running out the other door.