Emo kids. Remember them?

Not goth, but Emo?

I remember when that was a thing.

I was in my early 20s and was a camp counselor.

We ordered matching t-shirts for everyone to wear on the last day of camp.

When we distributed them, we noticed there were not enough size small for the little girls.

The teenaged boys had taken them all!

Those little girls had to wear mediums and larges just so those Emo kids could wear skin tight t-shirts.

Never understood that trend,

What’s a trend you’ve lived through that you don’t get?


Hah, I was one of those emo kids :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But I think technically I was more “scene” than emo lol

Weird times


I do remember that.

The emo kids insisting on being called “scene”.

Sorry, @Human,

You emo.


I’m kidding.

You are about the age of the girls I taught at camp.

I’m still in touch with a few.


That emo scène thing bled over into metal i hated it


And the “hardcore” dancing.

WTF was that?

Kids damn near broke all my furniture.

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Flannel shirts and combat boots in high school - circa 1994. Even I participated. I don’t get it. I used to take my brother’s flannels. He would get mad and I don’t blame him.



Everyone remember going broke trying to look like a cheap hooker?

I do.


Thank you, Hilton sisters.


I wasn’t part of the emo scene but the grunge skateboard look.

I wore those dreadful super baggy trousers and hoodie.



Girlfriend at the time had an emo brother.

It was. Interesting. Horrible bands, horrible clothes that just looked uncomfortable. Maybe they wouldn’t of been so moody if they had clothes that fit.

Went to one emo club night at the local. It was either weird kids hugging the walls, or the abomination that was “Hardcore” dance.

Also did a few cyber goth nights. Industrial music.

The 00’s to me were a time of finding myself. Experimentation of where I fit in.

Didn’t find solace in any of them. Neither did the friends I made.

Is it about fitting in and being “Cool”? I never understood that. I was never cool.

I had more luck with the punk scene. Daly City train and gypsy rose.

I miss my Mohawk. Never felt more confident in my hair than when I had my Mohawk.

Wooo! Disestablishmentarianism! Anarchy!


I have no idea what an emo kid is.


I didn’t follow that scene I was too young and even like that my mother probably wouldn’t have let me. I did somewhat try to do it though but it was far from what it was supposed to be. Then there was the hipster scene, I totally didn’t get that one. I guess my style has always been grunge/alternative? I totally rocked that one, even though it wasn’t the intention, it was after discovering the music that I knew it had a name lol.

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Lol! I watched part of one episode of that show and noped right out. I never dressed like that. Even my lingere was more conservative lol. I was pretty disgusted by everything they represented.

My daughter was emo, but now she says she is and was goth. lol. My sister was goth, and there is a noticeable difference.


I used to be a metal head in high school. I never met any emo kids.


Emo wasn’t invented yet when I was in school. You either dressed like a stoner or a jock.


Oh yeah! I still like a lot of old school emo music.

I was kind of more of a hardcore guy when that scene was big. Shaved head and New Balanace 574’s.

Going to shows and laughing at the hipsters and kids wearing skin tight jeans.

I never really “dressed” emo in the modern sense but I liked a lot of the bands. Yeah, some of the lyrics were pretty angsty and cringy at times, but it was once a movement that offered a lot of hope and it was born out of the 80s DC hardcore scene.

This is a track from a really old school emo band:


eighties clothes…blech…I was rockabilly all through the eighties , the women all wore ballroom dresses to live rockabilly shows, the guys all had fifties haircuts and clothes (usually thrift store stuff), drove around in fifties cars…man…I miss my sharp toed black boots. but hated the eighties fad…especially the bows in the sorority sisters hair…ugh.


I did not now emo existed, I new Goth, Punk Rock, and Grunge.


I hung out with all the punk kids in the last 80s, but I never dressed like them cuz I was a “good kid” on the academic track and couldn’t be allowed to fraternize with the druggies! But I loved the Sex Pistols, SOD, Suicidal Tendencies…one of my punk friends used to give me a spiked leather bracelet to wear at school every day, but I had to give it back before I got home so my parents wouldn’t see it. Those punk kids had way more integrity and perseverance than folks would credit them!


Q: How many Emo kids does it take to screw in a light bulb?
A: None, they all just sit in the dark and cry.