Dreams Related to Delusions

Does anyone else have dreams that DIRECTLY correlate with and thus promote their delusions?

Example; a couple years back I had a dream where an angel appeared to me. It had many red wings. Its features were unreal and were so perfect it was like a statue. It wore white robes and had golden hair that blew around like there was a strong wind in the room, even though there was none. Its eyes were terrifying, piercing and wild and fierce. It told me that I was going to have a baby, and that it needed to impregnate me. I said no because I was only 17 at the time and I didn’t want a dang baby. It kept insisting, and getting angrier and angrier as I continued to refuse. Finally I ended up bargaining with it, and told it I would have the baby once I was married, to avoid scandal, and because I wanted kids anyways, just not at the present moment. It unhappily agreed, vanished and the dream ended.

The angel later came to me in another dream. It was completely random. The dream was about me going to my grandparents house to go skiing. I was talking with my grandparents when suddenly everything froze except me and I heard a voice calling me from upstairs. I followed it and the angel was waiting for me, this time wrapped in a cloak so as to hide his figure, but I still recognized him by his eyes. He told me to take a walk with him. When I refused he overwhelmed me with a powerful energy that made me so frightened I fell to my knees. Then I agreed to walk with him. He took me to a strange place that looked like an astronomy building. He told me about the apocalypse and all these reasons why my role was so important, why I’d have to have this baby, etc. I don’t remember most of what he said because I was so scared I wasn’t really listening. I do remember him saying something about “7 days of darkness” and trying to tell me the end would be a good thing, with the world being born again from the ashes as a paradise.

After the talk he vanished again and I was back at my grandparents house and the dream proceeded as normal.

Very strange. From time to time I get odd dreams like this. Does anyone else?

For me it is memories rather than dreams. I have these memories that are all linked together telling the story of someone named Alexander Struck by Lightning. It’s very bizarre and gets rather dark and twisted in parts. But yeah these memories were the basis for the majority of my delusional beliefs. It was really frustrating as if you can’t trust your own memory what can you trust?

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I have memories of things that never really happened to me too apparently. Like being taken to a family party in the mountains and having my dad take me out to the woods and we saw a wolf from far away. Or seeing Barney Live and Cats the Musical, I had memories of being taken to plays I’ve never actually been to. I even know songs from them. But apparently I’ve never seen them. So weird.

I had a dream that I took shrooms God last night. Not really correlated with a delusion. He was a Herculean cartoon guy wearing blue. He was happy as can be. And Jeff bridges was just chilling in his house wearing his big lebowski attire. It was a good dream. After I took the shrooms I immediately woke up to a racing head. He told me the shrooms would help me see exactly what I needed to to live a happier life. I am atheist though and after I woke I didn’t really come to any conclusions.

too many times… sadly… too many times.

For me it’s been kidnappers… I’ve been fighting kidnappers for my entire life. I’ve had dreams that have told me that my kid sister’s school was harboring kidnappers. I’ve had dreams that my younger siblings had been kidnapped.

I’ve had dreams that have had me act on delusions… one dream that I repeatedly had was coming to me from another source… (so I thought) and it was telling me to develop a program to keep kids safe from kidnappers… I would start an anti-kidnapping school. That just made me get more vigilant about kidnappers.

False memories are also common… I’ve had some hallucinations that perpetuated false memories and I’ve had something go wrong in my head the convinced me I’ve been to spain. (I’ve never been to spain) But I have a tattoo that I can’t remember getting… I used to say I got it in Spain… (I’ve never been to Spain) I’ve just been getting over my fear of flying this year…

There have been so many other false memories due to this illness, drug use… both mixed… It’s a scramble in my mind and I’m working on sorting it out.

In one of my memories I hopped a freighter to Libya. On our return voyage we passed through a severe storm during which I was very sick, more than just sea sickness, very sick. I was visited at this point by the spirit of a teenage girl with long red hair. She spoke to me about how she had traveled on this same ship when alive and what she had been through. The dialogue is more than a little sketchy to recall as these flashes of false memories were some years ago but I do remember that she then revealed to me the “truth of the prophets” in which stretched out before me upon the heaving sea I saw images of the lives of well…prophets narrated by this voice as if it was a movie or something.

She visited me next, once home on dry land to say to me that she was disappointed that she had wasted her time revealing to me these truths only to watch me continue down the same path I’d been on before she’d visited me. She told me on this occasion that I would never see her again.

None of this really happened in actuality but is just an excerpt from the memories that used to come to me in flashbacks at one point in my life.