Dopamine partial agonists and prodopaminergic drugs for schizophrenia

These data favour the clinical use of partial agonists for negative symptoms in schizophrenia, with clinically meaningful effect sizes. Our findings also suggest a benefit for ar/modafinil in patients with predominant negative symptoms.


Do they also tell their is a heightened risk of psychosis when taking modafinil?

Abilify is one and was the best for my negative symptoms. I wish I could go back on it without its side effects.

The only antidepressant that works for me is MAO-i (isocarboxide/marplan). It is a very strong dopamine agonist. Sometimes i feel even a little “high” - the only bad thing about is that it tends to stop to work (tachyphylaxis) and then i have to take a break in a month or two and then start again.

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