MAIO dopamine for anhedonia


Has anyone tried a MAOI for anhedonia? How much did it help? Bupropion is useless.


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Isnt that for depression? Are you diagnosed with depression?

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Schizophrenia. My biggest symptoms is anhedonic depression. If I can get relief for that I can cope with this condition. Otherwise I would rather be dead.

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Well anhedonia can be caused by both depression or sz negative symptoms. I have the sz one and for me only partial dopamine agonists helped so Abilify but Rexulti and Vraylar are also partial dopamine agonists.

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Yes, im on Isocarboxide - an MAO-inhibitor

The first time i took it, was a miracle, i was happy and energetic for two years, but suddenly it stopped working. I tried lithium, it didn’t work. Now im back on MAOI, but it is not as effective as first time i took it.

It takes the peak out of the depression right now, but not a miracle.

Don’t worry about the diet restrictions,you get used to it. And almost no sideeffects.

I have anhedonia but not depression. If there were any pill that would treat it I would be willing to try but I have a sneaking suspicion that MAOI would not work on my anhedonia because antidepressants don’t do squat for me. It’s directly related to negatives and not depression IMO. But if it works for you please let us know. Any chance is better than none.

edit: Since it appears they have an impact on dopamine I could be wrong though…but doesn’t that increase your risk of psychosis?

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