Dont want to be a burden

its been intense…bouts of mania and psychosis and delusions…fixed ideas that wont leave me…seizure like nightmares…intensified tinnitus…irrational fears…conspiracies a constant trigger too…

but other than that I am managing well. I was able to go with my mom to the hospital. She called the ambulance at 3am because she could not walk anymore and was in extreme pain…she needs SSI/SSDI more than me i feel but shes ok she doesnt want it…its a pride thing for her…

Her blood sugar was at 300 and she broke her ankle in two places…she had a broken ankle for 4 days and was in such pride about her pain she didn’t know or tell anyone…she doesnt know how she broke her ankle. I supported her in calling ambulance, and she was treated quickly…

my brother has been supportive and he tells me or helps me reailze when im not myself but he also struggles secretly with a mild type of undiagnosed bipolar…and it scares me that he might ever become unwell, I dont want to add to the stress…i want him to know its ok to seek help too…

everyone needs a break sometimes, not just people with bipolar or schizophrenia—stress is a toxin to the body and mind…

I dont know if I need to go inpatient to a hospital…a part of me feels like i do tho i dont think i can with them bein at capacity and i dont want to catch omicron…so…ill try my best to stay in place and stay grounded…no more spiritual stuff for awhile.

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Some threads get traction,

Some don’t.

It’s not personal.

I read your post and it was a bit confusing.

That may explain the lack of response.

Are you asking if you need to go inpatient?

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yeah I guess so…I cant tell…Im ok right now so I guess not.

I hear you I’m s orry all that happened. I know religion for me was a big trigger oh and stress. =/ hopefully you feel better. I know I noticed most these dudes see but don’t reply. Kind of sucks

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Hey, sorry, finally have enough brain power to answer. I don’t think we can help where we’re at sometimes, but if you’re doing your very best then you shouldn’t feel badly about it is my belief. Really hope you feel better. (((hugs)))


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I’m feeling sick,

what was this all about again?

hope everybody everywhere treats you good.

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