Unsure when to go inpatient

I’ve been struggling for a good while lately. Lots of stressful things going on in my family. Including being around 2 triggering family members almost constantly. They trigger my HI.

I’ve been sleeping more often and I cant help it. Idk if its depression, meds or both. I’m not due to see my psych til August.

I just don’t feel right and haven’t for the past month or so. My family/friends are getting worried. My thoughts are getting weirder with each day. I feel like I’m going to implode soon.

I just don’t know what warrants a hospital visit. It’s been weighing on my mind lately. But at the same time I haven’t been in the hospital in 3 years. So want to avoid it at the same time. Ugh.

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I wouldn’t base your decision on trying to beat a record :stuck_out_tongue: . I would base it on need. They probably won’t keep you for long unless you really need it anyway.

Go if you have to.


Don’t feel bad if you have to go and get help. Getting help when you have this horrible disease is so important.

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Thank you both. Im just weighing options and see what my support team says tomorrow. Also gonna see if i can see my psych before august. Hoping a med adjustment is all thats needed. I’ll know when im bad enough to go. And still have insight.


people wont like my answer but for me when to go to the hospital is only when forced by the cops. i avoid it with everything i got and never and will never go voluntary

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If I go out I cant escape hallucinations, delusions, and paranoia. I took my mom to the doctor and I thought people were talking about me. It wouldn’t stop. I couldn’t escape. It bothered me all day. When I stay home on the other hand if something bothers me I distract myself and turn my attention elsewhere and the problem subsides. Then over time a new problem pops up but the thing is it’s not that bad at home for me. If I went out everyday and brought home all of the garbage my mind receives from the outside world in my house id go nuts. Maybe just lay low and stay busy doing what gives you peace of mind. Unless going to the hospital is the only thing that gives you peace of mind. I hate the hospital. They make you do all of these activities and watch Ted talks. I get it. If you put positive, good things in your head you feel better. If you live your life busy with activities and then at the end of the day make time for your spirituality or what makes you feel good or a sense of purpose you’ll be too tired to do it. Then it’s on to the next day. No time for positivity in your life again too busy. Whatever you do I’m sure will help you out. Stay up.