Don’t know if I should contact my doctor?


I’m glad you like your doctor @Pianogal.
This is important.


Oh sh@t now I’m getting real irritable!


Join the club. I get my shot tomorrow and all I want to do now is slap the world.


■■■■ it I’m going to contact my doctor tonight.
I can’t risk going to the hospital.

Hope you feel better soon @ZombieMombie.


Sounds like contacting your pdoc is the way to go @Wave. Hope you get this under control soon.


Thanks @disciple I’m going to contact her now before things get out of hand.


I texted her about an hour go and she hasn’t contacted me yet.


Looks like it’s been a few hours. Did you ever hear from your pdoc?


No I didn’t @disciple.
Usually she will contact me right away.
Tomorrow morning I will call her office instead of texting her cell phone.

I took a nap and feel a bit better.
Tomorrow is a new day.


Feel better @Wave

The same is with me. If my sleep is poor those hallucinations start in. Please let us know how it goes with you.


Good luck @wave I hope your doctor can sort u out man


@Wave, you need to contact your pdoc. This fear of yours of being on “more meds” is not rational. Your pdoc may or may not put you on more meds. She may instead take you off one or more meds and put you on something entirely different. You don’t know yet. Just give her a chance to help you.


She hasn’t contacted me yet but I’m feeling less depressed today anyway.
Feeling a bit up there today.

Thanks @ginalovea2 I’m keeping a close watch on things to see how they will unfold.


@Wave, that’s good that you are monitoring yourself. I’m glad to hear it. When sza’s don’t get enough sleep over a period of time, they tend to switch to a manic mood. So, watch out for this.


Everyone and their cousin has already mentioned meds. So I won’t insist.

Some other hints:

Go outside and bask in the sunlight every day around noon. Dim or turn off the artificial lights (bulbs, PC screen etc) at least one hour before bedtime. These two simple tricks should help your inner clock work better => better sleep.

Find an activity that you used to enjoy and rekindle the flame. I think reading or playing an instrument are great options. But if you’ve never had a hobby, why not finding one now? Have you heard of origami ? The Japanese art of folding paper. It’s simply awesome.
You need to divert your attention from depression because it’s a vicious circle. The more you feed negative thoughts, the stronger they get, until they consume you.


Good advice @Andrey… if I find the motivation I could draw or pick up my guitar.

My therapist suggested taking short walks outside during daytime.


Excersize is so so powerful Wave.

I suggest listening to your therapists and doing short walks.

Clears the mind


Yeah I will have to force myself to go outside and walk a little.
Thanks @Wallafish :slightly_smiling_face:


Sleeping :zzz: pills can do wonders.

They do for me but I only take when needed and not daily but maybe you need them daily for a while.
I agree you should tell your Dr about this.

Depression can turn in to apathy and feelings of hopelessness .
I have had that too and it’s very heavy and lonely and painful.
Specially if you are not even getting a break release from sleep.

Maybe you need another medication for the depression.

Hope you will feel better soon and get good help and support.



Thanks @Zilija1!