Should I tell my psychiatrist?

Getting increasingly manic last few days.
The real issue is that I’m getting real irritable and lashing out verbally at my dad.

Should I tell my psychiatrist?

I really don’t want more meds.

I don’t think that Klonopin is helping so much.


I think you should tell your psychiatrist.

I tell my psychiatrist everything. I only lie about waking up multiple times a night because I don’t want sleeping pills.


Your mood stabilizer has probably left your system now. Tell your psychiatrist.


Definitely, it can’t be easy on your dad.


I’d tell them it’s obviously affecting you so before it gets worst


Yeah I think I’ll tell her.

Thanks everyone!


Yeah that’s the thing though.
I don’t want more meds.

I’m finally losing weight.

I guess then you just have to decide which is more tolerable for you to live with.

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Yes thanks @anon21849028
I think I may need to go back on a mood stabilizer.

Full blown mania can be dangerous for me.

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I just finished seeing my pdoc.
I told her about my symptoms including the auditory hallucination.

She wants me to start taking larger doses of Klonopin and if that doesn’t work out we agreed on taking Tegretol.

I see her in 3 weeks.

I have time to weigh things out.

Tegretol is not as effective as Depakote but I refuse going back on Depakote.

She first mentioned me going back on a small dose of Depakote at first.


My pdoc just put me on Remeron 3 weeks ago for depression and I am gaining weight too. I hate it.

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My psychiatrist appointment was only like 10 minutes long.
Sessions are getting shorter and shorter.

I told her that I’m seeing a new therapist and she didn’t even bother to write down the lady’s name.

I don’t like the way I’m being treated.
It seems like she’s in a rush or something.

Is she losing interest in my case?

Also she mentioned the generic name for Trileptal not the generic name for Tegretol when she suggested I take Tegretol.

Ever since using a telepsychiatry platform she’s getting sloppy and lazy.

Doesn’t seem to want to be bothered.

I don’t know if this will last much longer.

Are you taking AD medication or mood stabilizers?

I’m not currently on a mood stabilizer, just risperidone and Klonopin as needed.

I may go on a mood stabilizer.

Could be the risperidone also… while I was on it, I relapsed into biggesg mania I ever had. Took me 12 weeks to recover. Because risperidone is known to cause antidepresant properties

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You need to tell him, and also discuss your concerns about adding more medicine

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Are you talking to me @CoCo?

No it’s not the risperdal it’s more like because I’m not on a mood stabilizer.

Just a hint. It’s not good to count on doctor for emotional support. They just can’t be with you there. Buck up, @Wave You can do this.

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Yeah thanks @PinCushion

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