Meeting with pdoc today & update

I told him everything that had been happening…he said it was interesting that alcohol made the voices stop/made me calmer & happier similarly to klonopin as both affect gaba. So he prescribed me gabapentin which is supposed to increase gaba levels as I told him I’d like to try that route first before going back on an antipsychotic. I was sort of disappointed he did not suggest anything further for my depression, Depakote is ok but not really working as well as I’d like it to, it’s very eh, at least at this dose.

My dad has been making me feel kind of crappy as he was like “you’re not exercising or eating right and your sleep is bad because you stay up late and sleep with the light on” Which first off makes me feel like he thinks I’m an idiot because I’ve changed ALL of that in the past before and it never cured me of anything, simply helped me cope. Furthermore when I am having all these symptoms it is very hard to do things like go to the gym regularly or take away comfort food which is one of the only things that brings me pleasure currently. I can’t sleep with the lights off because of my symptoms, it triggers my psychosis/anxiety/paranoia. And it doesn’t matter what time you go to bed as long as you get 8 hours which I always do, but I have moved my bedtime to earlier before for an extended period of time and it changed NOTHING, I would still be exhausted waking up. But anyways he is skeptical of still paying for my doctors and that worries me.


i hope it works for you anna

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