Does your tongue gain weight?

I’ve been waking up and finding myself biting the edge of my tongue like it doesn’t quite fit in the space between my teeth anymore. My tongue seems fatter! I’m so fat my tongue doesn’t fit anymore! Oh god!


When I had bracers in my teens, my tongue had to adjust to the space. It was awkward for a while.

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You need to get a little tiny leotard for your tongue and do some aerobic exercises or something. Targeting the area is the key. Lol. I’m giggling imagining you doing the tongue exercises.

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You know, I used to do exercises with my tongue, so to speak. Now I’m keeping this PG 13. But I’m on my own now and I don’t yell at the cat nearly as much as I used to yell at my husband.

ba da bump!


Tell me, cus I know you’ll be honest, does this tongue piercing make me look fat?

Hmmmmm i was gonna try and be clever and look up tongue bra on google. All i got was women in bras sticking there tongue out.


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Maybe don’t hang a pork chop off it???


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My tongue does this when I eat stuff I’m allergic to.
Took me a while to figure out what was going on but I’m allergic to pomegranates.

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Thanks for posting this article.
I suspect that too many people who are put on APs that cause weight gain develop sleep apnoea, leading to poor sleep (to start with) and a vicious cycle of poor sleep and poor mental health - leading to increased meds, leading to more weight gain…You get the picture.
Further down the line, the longer you have sleep apnoea, the more likely you are to have cardiovascular problems.
A rather sorry state of affairs.
A fatty tongue is indeed a key driver of this.
(I probably developed sleep apnoea in 2004 when first put on APs. It wasn’t diagnosed until 2018.)
Please, people - if you are having trouble sleeping, and particularly wake in the middle of the night gasping for breath, get checked for sleep apnoea.

I had it and was given a CPAP machine. Then I lost a bunch of weight (not all of it, sadly) and the problem resolved itself. The CPAP machine is happily gathering dust in the closet.


That’s very encouraging to know!

I would think swelling if this happened to me. maybe there’s an underlying cause?