Does your psychiatrist play dumb?

I remember one time explaining to my pdoc about how some tourists who visit Jerusalem start to believe they are Jesus Christ, start dressing like him, etc. Its called Jerusalem syndrome and is psychosis.

My pdoc is like I never heard of that and please explain more. (A consultant psychiatrist)

I think he plays dumb. Obviously I said its crazy while still believing I have a microchip in my left armpit.

Why do they do that?


It’s a real thing.

One of my baby’s daddies worked in Jerusalem and his job was to help people with getting home and healthy again.

It usually happens to young men from the US.

These young men are typically youth ministers.

I’ll keep my comments about it to myself,


I doubt he has never heard of it,

Maybe he just wanted to know your opinion on the subject.


@Charles_Foster That is a really good reply. Thank you for sharing.

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It is to check how strong your delusions are or to see if you are even delusional or not. I have heard the “Our system is down and I don’t have my notes from the last session can you tell me again about the _____” so many times. They seem to remember everything else from every session though, what meds you are on and the doses, etc.

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It is part of patient interviewing process. I can’t say he knows or not. Might have wanted to see how phenomenon you mentioned relates to you. Your thoughts on it.

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